The Season of Self-Flagellation

I just amused myself with a little Google search to find what some Americans have to say about some Shi’a Muslims flagellating themselves during the Ashura holiday, or as the funniest site calls it, “another bloodthirsty Muslim holiday.”

Below are some pictures. They have blood in them, so if you don’t like blood, don’t look. As a buffer, I’ll include some quotes I found during my search:

And we wonder why these people are so violent.

WHat the heck is wrong with these ppl??

What a wonderful religion.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they just stuck to mutilating themselves.

Somebody help them out and use a 20Lb mace across their heads.

The freggin` animals whipping themsleves, yet liberals scream bloody murder if we put uderwear on their heads.

Anything that involves blood, death, beheadings, gore (not Al, I mean the shocking death scenes. Well Al too, but that`s another story) you can bet the muzzies are into it.

Is self-flagellation somehow superior to other-flagellation? I mean, could they earn the same karmic return on their effort if WE beat them with broomhandles or barbed wire? I would be glad to volunteer to take a cat-o’-nine-tails to a whole mosqueful of these losers.

Dear G-d. What a hideous culture.

They’re Muslims, following the “religion of peace” brainwashed from birth, there’s no hope for them. That’s why mosks ans Madrassa’s must be destroyed and new muslims born be given a normal education.

I know this is suppose to be some “holy” holiday, but it looks more like VANITY to me.
A bunch of folks in white clothes (which emphanizes the bloodiness) trying to outwhip each other-“oooh look at me, covered in blood, im so much more holy than you”

Why stop at self flagellation, fellas.
Mass suicide is a much better way of proving your devotion to your beloved allah.

You’re probably wise to my tricks by now. These pictures here aren’t Muslims flagellating themselves, they’re Christians flagellating themselves in celebration of Jesus. Which makes this the funniest quote of all:

And there is a US postage stamp about this “festival”!!!!!!!!!!!
The ideology of death and destruction in the news again!

hahahaha. I searched at the post office’s site and couldn’t find any Ashura, Easter, or Passover stamps, but I did find lots of Christmas stamps.

I will admit that of the pictures I saw, there looked to be a little more blood flowing in the Ashura pictures. And children were participating.

Most Christians don’t flagellate themselves, and neither do most Muslims.

Personally, I haven’t seen The Passion of the Christ, but I understand the flagellation scene is drawn out and extremely explicit. Nevertheless, it was very popular with its target audience of Muslims Christians who enjoy the gore.

Roger Ebert said:

The movie is 126 minutes long, and I would guess that at least 100 of those minutes, maybe more, are concerned specifically and graphically with the details of the torture and death of Jesus. This is the most violent film I have ever seen.

A.O. Scott, in The New York Times, said, The Passion of the Christ is so relentlessly focused on the savagery of Jesus’ final hours that this film seems to arise less from love than from wrath, and to succeed more in assaulting the spirit than in uplifting it.”[64]

It is the highest grossing non-English language film and the most successful R-rated film in the United States.[2]

And I once wanted to see it, to see people speaking Aramaic.

If you should be interested, here’s a link to a video of this year’s crucifixions in the Philippines, on YouTube.

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  1. mantiqaltayr

    Excellent post. Remember too that some Christians like to have themselves crucified in imitation of Christ.

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