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Fun-Times Friday: Fake Ex-Muslim Speaks Fake Arabic

A friend told me about this guy, Ergun Caner, today, and I couldn’t wait to look him up and find out what he’s about. Here’s a youtube video of him giving an earnest speech to a gullible Christian Islamophobe audience, with plenty of fake Arabic.

If you don’t know Arabic, this may not be funny to you, but maybe it is!


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Weird/Funny YouTube Clip of the Day

Hunter Davis’s impression of Ian McKellen performing the theme song to Charles in Charge.

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Video: Wild Fennec Fox Scampers with Cute Little Girls

I love the girl at the beginning who runs away when the fennec fox comes at her. So cute!

This reminds me of an experience not too long ago with a little snow weasel in the woods. Good times.

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Man Talks to Turkeys: Video

This video is good for an infectious laugh. Saturday morning and I already guffawed, so you know it’s good stuff.

The meta humor is that the Arabic title is “Important: Leaked Speech of Bashar al-Assad at the Funeral of Assef Shawkat.”

Bashar is somewhat turkey-like. I’m sure you see it.

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Fastest Falafel Bagger

It’s always a pleasure to watch somebody who’s really good at what she does. Here’s a falafel-bagging guy who can bag falafels really fast.

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Serendipity & Videos

So there I was, avidly perusing the entries in the 2010 Dance Your PhD Contest, and wishing the clips were YouTube clips rather than Vimeo, since I can’t embed Vimeo competently. So I started searching on YouTube on some esoteric scientific titles, then I saw in the suggested videos one with some Arabic in the title, which I played, but it was lame, but there were more suggested videos, so I clicked on this one. And it’s pretty good. But it has nothing to do with anybody’s PhD, just a funny guy’s story of his conversion.

Meanwhile, here’s a PhD dance video about language. Unfortunately, this is only the link.

Dance as a vehicle for prejudice reduction and second language acquisition from Fuad Elhage on Vimeo.

If you go to the Gonzolabs page of PhD dance videos, I recommend my favorites (so far):

The Quantum Ruler: Using Quantum Mechanics to make better measurements.”


Cationic antimicrobial peptides derived from human seminal plasma inhibit HIV-1 infection.”

Plus check out the entry by a former(?) fellow Arabist, “The Concord of Collective Nouns and Verbs in Biblical Hebrew: A Controlled Study.”

Enjoy. 🙂

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For Fun–YouTube Video

How is it that I’ve never seen this guy’s videos before?! Amazing what’s on the internet.

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Video: Cat, Roomba, Pitbull


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I’m just posting this here so that I can find it again when I want it.

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A Slice of America

Video found while clicking around. From this site.
On the one hand, it’s kind of encouraging that the men are letting the woman do the talking. Plus, she knows that Spain is an ally of the United States.
I don’t know…I kind of think that the more often people say “Barack Hussein Obama,” the less exotic and dangerous it seems.

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