So you want to learn to ululate

Couldn’t be easier. First, be female. Then, hold your hand in front of your mouth so that people don’t see your tongue wagging. Then say “La la la la la” rapidly, over and over again really loudly. Soon you’ll modulate your voice to get it to sound the way you want. Congratulations, you’re ululating.


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7 responses to “So you want to learn to ululate

  1. Simone Brightstein

    your ululation lesson is not only incorrect – it’s patronizing.

  2. Thanks, Simone. Would you like to provide a correct lesson in how to ululate?

  3. Anon

    I’m wondering if someone could correct me here. I’m male, but I can produce a similar sound by simply rolling an /r/. I’m experimenting with trilling my tongue to slightly different parts of the roof of my mouth to get a better reproduction of the sound. It’s the closest thing I’ve been able to get to “ululating”.

  4. Eisai

    Cool!! Thank you! It worked!!!! 🙂

  5. DD Feghali

    Yours is the way I do it. Here is another.

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  7. medh

    real way to ululate 😉 2 styles,

    side to side: you should open your mouth slightly in an “oh” shape but more open than an “o”. put your tongue to the left side of your open mouth where the top teeth are (let it be visible to you if you are doing it in a mirror).. then flick it to the other side of your mouth along the bottom of your top teeth. then repeat to the other side and speed up by practising.. start with the “u/o” sound, speed up by practising and end it off with an “eeeeeee/ghheeee” sound. your jaw will automatically move with the tongue, its nothing to suppress as its normal 🙂

    up and down: open you mouth in an open “eh”. use you tongue to flap barely against the top of your top teeth and pallet.. it should resemble a mix between a “y” and an “l” sound. then flap it back and forth.

    and this video on ululation is hilarious

    in both use your head voice. the higher your head voice can go, the further the ululation will carry.

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