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Some Arab Countries Listed as “Enemies of the Internet”

LA Times blog post:

As of last week, the advocacy organization Reporters Without Borders counted nearly 120 bloggers, journalists and others behind bars for their online activities — more than any other time since the creation of the Internet.

On Saturday, that number went up by 30 when Iranian authorities announced the arrest of an alleged U.S.-backed “cyber network.”

Members of the network were accused of bypassing government filters, waging “psychological warfare” against the Islamic Republic, fomenting unrest, and spying.

Although China still holds the dubious distinction of being the most repressive country when it comes to Internet use, the Middle East is not far behind.

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Syria and Egypt in particular have been singled out as “Enemies of the Internet” according to an annual report issued by Reporters Without Borders. Turkey was listed as “under surveillance.”

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