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All-Arabic Version of “America the Beautiful” Here

Last night’s Super Bowl included a commercial by Coca Cola in which “American the Beautiful” was sung in a few different languages along with English. I didn’t hear any Arabic in it, but here is Coke’s version in all-Arabic. This clip also includes some conversation with the delightful little girl who sang it.

Also, for a small sample of what America’s bigots, racists, and morons said on Twitter about the commercial, go to Public Shaming:

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Super Cute Boy Band on Arabs Got Talent

This clip is from September, but hey, it’s new to me.

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Beirut Airport Flashmob

This is from two years ago, but I just found it. It seems like everything you could want in a flash mob: it’s lively, it’s not aggressive, and the audience really gets into it.

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Monday, 25 November, 2013 · 8:12 am

A Bloodthirsty Religion – The Battle Hymn of the Republic

I’m in the process of learning the alto part to The Battle Hymn of the Republic. One down side to singing in a choir is you sometimes have to sing words that you would never say. (When I sing on my own, that is a factor in the songs I choose to sing). For the Battle Hymn of the Republic, that line is:

“As he died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.”

Well, it is named “Battle Hymn,” so I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s trying to make warfare an act of worship.

Before that, though, it strikes me as audacious in the first place to equate ourselves with Christ. On the one hand, Christians are supposed to emulate Christ (or so I’ve always interpreted the purpose of Christianity). But this seems to have crossed the line from emulating to putting ourselves on the same level. It even seems like we’re trying to do Christ one better:

“Let’s sacrifice ourselves like Christ, except take out a bunch of people as we’re doing it.”

And the reason this strikes me so strongly is that for 12 years I’ve been hearing Americans claim that Islam is an inherently violent religion and that Muslims all want to be martyrs, while implying that you wouldn’t catch Christians doing or saying that kind of thing.

Wikipedia: In the years since the Civil War, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” has been used frequently as an American patriotic song.[10] This song is usually heard at the national conventions of both the Republican Party and Democratic Party,[citation needed] and is often sung at Presidential inaugurations.

badass Jesus

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Weird/Funny YouTube Clip of the Day

Hunter Davis’s impression of Ian McKellen performing the theme song to Charles in Charge.

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Don’t Worry, Romney Still Rich

Cute video

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Saudi Gangnam Style

Found here:, at Riyadh Bureau.

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Completely Off-Topic: A Terrible Rendition of the National Anthem

If you like to punish your ears and your soul, listen to this clip of an 11-year old singing the Star Spangled Banner. As far as I’m concerned, I have no problems with her pitch. I believe her story that the echo of the PA system threw her off. More power to her. What I find unforgiveable is the singer adding “flourishes” in the belief that she’s showing off what she can do vocally. The SSB is not the song for showing off your “soulfull” embellishments. The SSB is 2-minutes long, not 3-minutes long.

FYI, the singer has a web site. Harper Gruzins is her name.

10 years old in this picture, according to her website

According to her website, she was 10 when she posed for this.

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GoRemy – Hey There, Khalilah

A friend introduced me to GoRemy’s Youtube channel. I particularly like this one, Hey There Khalilah.

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Don’t Know How to Explain this Song

It sounds like an Arabic-language cover of some American folk song.

I found it on the blog “and far away…” which already resides on my blogroll over there –>

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