Stuff to Buy

The design below is available on mugs, tee shirts, and mousepads at my Zazzle store. Also greeting cards, postcards, etc.

shakespeare no typo _449x600

My first Zazzle tee shirt can be found here. So far no luck figuring out how to post the flash window, which would make this so much easier for everyone.

zubayr tee shirt black

MY ZAZZLE STORE, which I hope to populate with more fun designs soon. Any suggestions? Leave me a comment.

And here are a whole bunch of movies and books that I’ve blogged about, available at

Click here to visit SNARLA’S STORE at Amazon

For example:
Intermediate Arabic for Dummies by Keith Massey
Sunset Tales from the New Iraq by Al Kentawy
When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World by Hugh Kennedy
The Tenth Cow by Aram Schefrin
Paramedic to the Prince by Patrick Notestine
Hari Butor wa Sajin Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, and the rest of the Harry Potter books in Arabic
Team America: World Police

There are more. There are books in Arabic, books about Arabic, movies that have Arabic in them, etc.

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

Here’s my measures tee shirt.

measures chart conjugations ten measures arabic grammar

Buy this awesome tee at my store! Or a mousepad.

Here’s a new shirt for Dec 2010. Holidays, right? And you can get whatever state or city or country put on there that you want. Just ask. I won’t get around to naming all of them.

Oh, it says, “Somebody in Texas loves me.”

3 responses to “Stuff to Buy

  1. Pepper Goblin

    Love the shirt & especially the mugs. How can they be bought and at what tariff?

  2. Just click a link with the word “Zazzle” in it and it will take you to my online Zazzle store.
    The nice thing is, you can choose what kind of shirt or mug you like, long-sleeved, American Apparel, value…you can choose the color you like, etc.
    Here’s the link right here, too: <–just paste that into your browser

  3. Love the Sheik Zubayr shirt!

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