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Cat Photo on a Saturday Morning

My tortoiseshell, enjoying a few moments of peace while the other cat is outside.

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Meow-Y Christmas

calico cat pressure cooker box chillin xmas christmas

Here are my cats enjoying Santa’s bounty. The calico’s enjoying my brand new pressure cooker, which will be cooking curry tomorrow…

tortoiseshell boxes xmas morning christmas

…and the tortoiseshell is overwhelmed with options and doesn’t know which box to choose.

dried anchovies

Santa also brought them delicious, nutritious dried anchovies from the Korean supermarket.

UPDATE: Tummy now full of delicious and tender chicken curry cooked in pressure cooker. Hail, pressure cooker!

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Mid-Summer Sunday Cat Photos

tortie tortoiseshell cat dark linoleum floor

The camera-shy tortoiseshell and her little sister, the calico.

calico cat floor sunlight linoleum

It’s a lazy Sunday for me. Sat down to watch the England-Germany game and fell asleep instead. Was quite surprised to see the score, when I woke up again around minute 85.

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Cat Pictures Before a Long Weekend

Been a while. I got a new, better camera and here are some pictures of the kittehs.

beautiful lovely tortie tortoiseshell

calico cat tricolor chilllin chillaxin patio water wrought iron wood

I’ll probably post this weekend. I’ll be around.

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Wednesday Cat Photo

Finally got a pretty decent picture of my first-born. I think I’m going to treat myself to a nice camera this year.


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Cat Photo

That sounds like a can opener

It is so hard to get a good picture of her. For one, she hates attention and usually moves away when I point the camera at her, and also she’s so dark. *sigh* I see other people’s cat pictures will all kinds of personality showing and I can’t get it from her.

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