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For Fun–YouTube Video

How is it that I’ve never seen this guy’s videos before?! Amazing what’s on the internet.

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Wikipedia Entry Written in “Egyptian”

Today I was looking up demagoguery on Wikipedia and happened to notice this:

I have not yet mastered Paint

I have not yet mastered Paint

My first thought was, “Egyptian isn’t a language!” But then I realized that is a discussion I don’t want to get into. Anyhow, the Arabic link takes you to an entry that’s a couple paragraphs long, and the Egyptian link takes you to one that’s one sentence long.

الديماجوجيه اقرب تعريف ليها هو التعبير الشعبي المصرى “الضحك علي الدقون ” , يعني واحد سياسي يضحك علي الناس بشعارات وكلام سياسي واستهلاكي عشان مصلحته هوا , ويضحك علي دقون الشعب عشان يوصل لغرضه .

New one on me: الضحك على الدقون. To lead someone around by the nose; to make a fool of someone; to put on an act.

I wonder what Wikipedia’s policy is on languages. This seems like a bad idea. It would be a big waste to have different entries on the same subject written in Egyptian, Yemeni, Iraqi, Algerian, etc. But who is there at Wikipedia to notice or do anything about it?

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for Klingon entries.

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