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Video: Wild Fennec Fox Scampers with Cute Little Girls

I love the girl at the beginning who runs away when the fennec fox comes at her. So cute!

This reminds me of an experience not too long ago with a little snow weasel in the woods. Good times.

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The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

The Philadelphia and Houston zoos have both recently acquired red pandas and are billing them as the world’s cutest animal. But here at Anonymous Arabist, the fennec fox reigns as the world’s cutest animal. Pictures don’t do them justice; video is required to see both animals at their cutest.

Here’s 28 seconds of a red panda eating berries.

And here’s 45 seconds of fennecs playing.

And here’s about a minute of a seven-week-old fennec playing.

Oh my God, the cute! I don’t think we’ll solve this today. It might require more pictures and video.

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Enjoy Pix of World’s Cutest Animal

Life is short and nobody knows what’ll happen tomorrow, so here are some pictures of the cutest animal in the world, the fennec fox:

This first one is just a youngun.

And one more:

I had been holding off on posting the adorable animal pictures, because I’m not trying to lure people to my blog under false pretenses, and I’d like to know who comes here to read about Arabs in popular culture, but I recently read and saw something really dismaying. And I don’t want to be Captain Bringdown here, but in the interests of getting information out there, here’s the unhappy story of the frolicksome zoo animals at that Gaza zoo who were killed in the recent Israeli offensive against Gaza.

If you’re sensitive about the plight of cute creatures and you haven’t quit reading yet, you should quit now. The sad story is that among the animals killed were several fennec foxes.

The Gaza zoo has had it hard. They had to smuggle some animals in, using those smuggling tunnels that Israel would have you believe are used solely for smuggling weaponry, not food or medicine.

(There are going to be tunnels as long as there are walls. For, Something There is That Doesn’t Love a Wall, as they say).

And check this out. In 2005 someone stole the Gaza zoo’s lion, Sabrina. Click the link to see a photo of Sabrina sitting in a Hyundai hatchback. The good news is she was returned in 2007.

The bad news is that Gaza zoo animals were also killed in an Israeli attack in 2004.
Let me add for new readers that the fennec fox is a native of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.


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