Fun-Times Friday: Fake Ex-Muslim Speaks Fake Arabic

A friend told me about this guy, Ergun Caner, today, and I couldn’t wait to look him up and find out what he’s about. Here’s a youtube video of him giving an earnest speech to a gullible Christian Islamophobe audience, with plenty of fake Arabic.

If you don’t know Arabic, this may not be funny to you, but maybe it is!


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2 responses to “Fun-Times Friday: Fake Ex-Muslim Speaks Fake Arabic

  1. Found this comment on a Loonwatch blog post about this charlatan:

    A Muslim Guy • 2 days ago

    Great news! Reminds me of the famous Arabic expression “mahrasha kharbato tulu wana alishamba jala harka baythaki gibro.”

  2. Snarla, that “Muslim guy” is pulling your leg. The quotation in question is not Arabic at all, but is a well-known proverb of Pashto, whose meaning is roughly: “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

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