I Should Have Coined that Word when I had the Chance

A few months back I googled the word “Iraqophile” and got no results. But today a Google search on iraqophile brings back nine results. This really makes me wish I’d gotten on the ball back then and used the word in my blog at the time.
Anyhow, I’m an Iraqophile. I’ve never been to Iraq, and it’s not looking good for me to visit any time in the next several years, either. But I am very interested in it. How can you not be?Mesopotamia, the Fertile Crescent, the Cradle of Civilization, the Tigris and Euphrates? The Shatt al-Arab, Ctesiphon, Nineveh, Babylon! King Nimrod’s building a tower to reach God. The hanging gardens of Babylon. Harun al-Rashid. Hammurabi and his code. Queen Semiramis. The goddess Ishtar.
I’m currently rereading the footnotes of Sir Richard Burton’s Arabian Nights. This one is a good example of why Iraq is fascinating to me:

The tradition of Babylonia being the very center of witchcraft and enchantment by means of its Seven Deadly Spirits, has survived in Al-Islam; the two fallen angels (whose names will occur) being confined in a well; Nimrod attempting to reach Heaven from the Tower in a magical car drawn by monstrous birds and so forth.


It just leaves me wanting to know more.
Here’s hoping Iraq will be a pleasant tourist destination before too long.


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2 responses to “I Should Have Coined that Word when I had the Chance

  1. Masoda

    Great blog, I’m an Iraqophile too, I’ve been there and saw the awesomeness of Iraq. It’s not what they say it is in the media. It’s not just a big desert, it’s a very interesting country; especially the capital Baghdad. Mesopotamia and Babylon are unbelievably beautiful. I’m Japanese and we are generally interested in the Iraq and its culture. Hopefully I will get the chance to visit Iraq again, when it gets better.

  2. It’s great to meet another Iraqophile. I’m eagerly awaiting a safe chance to go there as a tourist.

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