A woman in an allegedly modern country has been charged with witchcraft.

Ha ha! We make fun of Saudi Arabia for stuff like this.

The charge of practicing witchcraft in Canada’s Criminal Code dates back to 1892 and was filed against 36-year-old Vishwantee Persaud in late November, the Toronto Star reported.

The woman allegedly gained the confidence of long-time criminal lawyer Noel Daley, who told the Law Times he gave the woman nearly $150,000 in salary as a legal assistant, for business ventures that never materialized and cancer treatments.

Persaud also faces two fraud charges in connection with some of those ventures, but the witchcraft charge stemmed from an incident in which she allegedly read Tarot cards for Daley and told him she was the embodiment of his dead sister, the report said.

Law Professor Alan Young at York University’s Osgoode Hall law school, told the Star the witchcraft charge doesn’t so much target witches, but those who fake mystical powers and prey on vulnerable people.


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2 responses to “Witchcraft!

  1. Heh…sounds like we in the Colonies were a bit ahead of our British cousins in that regard. They didn’t toss out the last of their witchcraft laws in exchange for the Fraudulent Mediums Act until 1951.

  2. Oops, scratch that. I misread the article–I thought she was charged in 1892, when that’s when the law hit the books! That law is virtually never enforced.

    It does sound, however, that it’s being (poorly) used in lieu of a Fraudulent Mediums Act, which I’m sure we *could* use here.

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