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moron illiterate leet retard yahoo answers arabic question

This struck me as really funny.


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Transliteration Abominations

There is no accepted transliteration system for presenting Arabic in English characters. Unfortunately, that leads to people making it up. Trying to read this stuff is worse than reading teeny, tiny Arabic. Which reminds me, native Arabic speakers, why don’t you guys complain about the tiny font all Arabic newspapers use?

Here are some random excerpts from Yahoo answers. They hurt my brain.

akked ya mo5 adahm mish yenf3 yet3lm hena da 3abkree we te7s kda ene tarkbto mihs tenf3 fe masr asln dah beylbs kemama we howa say2 3alashn el do5an wel kalm dah enta 3aref lama 7ad beyroosh momken ye7slo eah

B’hebk ia btli ktir j’dan. ashta’atilak

la mess chakhsseya ra9e9a ohelwa okol sefat al onotta alah ehfedha le jamalha .malikat al e7ssasse

lai de gamila…b3din kefaya y3ni en mahamiho ktbtlk comments 3aliha te2olli ashilha


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