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Doing My Part to Spread This Viral Message About Christmas

From Filtered News, another WordPress blog, here is A Meditation on Keeping Christ in Christmas.


At the time of the first Christmas, the Samaritans were considered by Jesus’ people as disgusting inferiors and were denounced by the religious leaders of the day as heretics and ethnically impure; sick people were believed to be sinners whom God was punishing; women were deemed unworthy, unclean and inferior; tax collectors and Roman soldiers were regarded as the mortal enemy; the poor, who had neither the time nor the resources to maintain rigorous rites of religious purity, were thought to be beyond God’s grace: Gentiles were seen as ritually, morally, genealogically and carnally impure: Jesus rejected and denounced every one of these barriers between people.**

And another exerpt:

If our Christian faith and love are strong, we feel no bitter, self-righteous need to claim some sort of exclusive or superior right to this holiday season — which, ironically, violates the very spirit of the holiday season. If our Christian faith and love are strong, we are able to gently, serenely accept the “other” as Christ did, with open hearts and open arms. If our Christian faith and love are strong, we are able to make room for the “others” and offer wishes of peace and joy, not divisiveness, not bitter victimization and not anger.

This year anybody looking to get bent out of shape about a “war on Christmas” is in luck. Some churches in parts of Iraq have actually cancelled Christmas festivities (or solemn celebrations, whatever kind they prefer) due to threats made by al-Qaeda in Iraq. So please, if you were inclined to grumble and hiss about people with the temerity to wish you “happy holidays,” take a moment to ponder what a real war on Christmas would look like.

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Round-Up of Disheartening Stories

Found all of these of Huffington Post, which I don’t usually link to, but since there was such a big batch of them, all the links are to HuffPo.

1. The Ku Klux Klan will hold a rally right before a University of Mississippi football game. This is in protest of the university chancellor’s decision to prevent the band from playing, “From Dixie with Love,” because the fans have a habit of chanting “the south will rise again” when it is played.

The KKK is the US’s longest-running hate group, formed by sore losers immediately after the Civil War. And they’re still active today, beating and shooting folks, and encouraging their followers to attend today’s “tea parties.”

2. A Vatican researcher, working “without the support of the Vatican,” insists she can prove that the shroud of Turin is really truly Jesus Christ’s death wrapping.

3. There’s a new outlandish billboard, this time equating President Obama with a turban-wearing jihadist. Side note: the billboard meister claims that the words “We are a christian nation” appear in the constitution.

4. Congressman Peter King, who has been a personal friend of, a collaborator with, and spokesman for Irish Republican Army terrorists and who nevertheless insists that only Muslims are terrorists, wants our lawmakers to pass a resolution honoring Christmas. Why did he bother?

I would not have brought this resolution if they hadn’t brought the Ramadan and the Diwali resolutions.

Because congress acknowledged religious diversity in the United States!

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