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Finally, Mug Available. Shirts, Too

zubayr tee shirt black

UPDATE: if you saw this before about noon on Monday, you saw a version that had a typo in the Arabic. It is fixed now and the faulty products have been removed and good ones are there in their place. The picture below shows the real picture.

Buy the shirt and other stuff HERE at my Zazzle store.

A good friend of mine nudged me to get off my lazy butt (figuratively, ’cause I was on my butt the whole time) and create another product for my Zazzle store.
Here it is, my Sheikh Zubayr coffee mug. Click on the link to go to my store.

Soon I hope to have a photo of a lovely model using one for his morning coffee with rice milk.

This is the image that appears on the mug. I expect to have a bigger version for use on a fabulous tee shirt later this week.

shakespeare no typo _449x600

The mug also says “Sheikh Zubayr” in English so your friends will get the joke.
Or visit my store on the tab that says “Stuff to Buy.” No pressure.

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