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American Citizen Among Those Killed by Israelis

New York Times story here.

One of the dead passengers aboard the Mavi Marmara, which was boarded by Israeli commandos on the high seas in the dead of night, leaving at least nine dead, was an American citizen.

ISTANBUL — One of the nine people killed in an Israeli commando raid on a flotilla of ships heading for Gaza this week was a United States citizen of Turkish descent, officials in Turkey and Washington said Thursday.

Reports in the Turkish press identified the American as Furkan Dogan, 19, who was born in the United States before returning to Turkey with his family as a young child.

Mr. Dogan’s brother, Mustafa, described him as “clean-hearted with a happy face,” and said that he had asked for his parents’ blessing before leaving with the flotilla, according to a report in the Turkish newspaper Zaman.

The Cihan news agency reported that Mr. Dogan had one bullet in the chest and four bullets fired into his head from close range.

We’ll be eagerly waiting to hear what our brave administration has to say about this. Also, reputedly Sarah Palin is preparing a Facebook update on the massacre at sea. Can’t wait.

There’s a good post and comment thread over at Balloon Juice on this topic.

Well, it took about an hour and a half, but one of the back benchers in the WH Press Corpse finally asked Gibbs if it mattered to the WH that an American was among one of the flotilla dead.

The response from Gibbs when finally asked was so evasive and noncommittal that I can’t remember anything other than his mentioning that Obama had a good talk with Erdogan two days ago.

Some funny comments:

Then, of course, you have Elian Gonsalez who was really an American citizen even though he wasn’t born here and neither were his parents. This shit is confusing.

Joe Lieberman has just introduced a bill to take away the citizenship of any Americans killed by Israel.

UPDATE: by the way, there’s a hilarious spoof Twitter account called Israel Global PR. Here’s their most recent tweet:

Israel apologises for the death of a US citizen aboard the flotilla, however we must state that the individual was not white

And some earlier tweets from them:

US citizens from the flotilla have been released. USA, please try to control our taxpayers.

Israel has seized CCTV footage from the flotilla: http://bit.ly/deWQpl The rest of the tape was uninteresting and has been disposed of

Sneak preview of our impartial investigation: “Israel’s response was proportionate and justified”


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