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Quiz – Which One is a Licensed Ophthalmologist?

Who is the licensed ophthalmologist, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, or Kentucky Senator Rand Paul?

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The Opthalmologist Politician

He’s the second son of a politician father. He’s an opthalmologist. He’s Bashar al-Asad, not Rand Paul. I was trying to draw more parallels, but information is sparse out there. For example, Bashar al-Asad is known for having a hot wife, and I can’t find a picture of Rand Paul’s wife. Why do Muslims Christians keep their wives under wraps?!

Also, Bashar al-Asad speaks three languages. Rand Paul, just the one. Bashar al-Asad was instrumental in introducing the internet to Syria. Rand Paul is an endless internet comedy machine.

TSA screeners and Arizona policemen should note al-Asad’s stereotypical swarthy foreigner looks. He’s as dark as a, well, a sheet. His eyes are, uh, blue. And he’s a diminutive, uh, six foot two. Hmm. May have to rethink.

The internet is a wondrous thing. I was looking around for good photos to illustrate this post, and supplemental information about Rand Paul and Bashar al-Asad, when I found pages dedicated to outing al-Asad as the Antichrist. Furreal.

The first week of March 2009, I started checking on the internet for videos that support the “Truth About Islam” paper I had been writing. I’ve discovered what I believe is at least 51% chance to be “The Beast=The Antichrist of Revelation.” He is Bashar Al-Assad the President/ Dictator of Syria. Please Google “al-wahash Syria” and see what you come up with!

The first part of March 2009 when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Israel, the Obama administration said that they wanted to re-establish diplomatic relations with Syria and have Syria sign a peace treaty with Israel. Thus, I think there is a 51% chance that Syria will sign a 7 year treaty with Israel by 2012 (the year Obama runs for re-election) which means Jesus Christ may set foot back on earth at least by 2019. Syria is the main sponsor of both Hamas and Hezbollah. Both terrorist groups have their headquarters in Damascus, Syria. Isaiah 17:1 says . . . the city of Damascus will disappear! It will become a heap of ruins.

When and if I determine that my educated guess is wrong I will post it. Until that time comes all my studying about “Islamic Truth” and the end of times points to Bashar Al Assad, President/Dictator of Syria! Email this to all your Christian friends.

Oh internet, when it comes to cuckoo yip-yap, you never run out.

UPDATE: Asked around a bit and found out that Patrick Seale, a journalist who specializes in the Middle East, wrote a biography of Hafiz al-Asad. On the first page of the biography, available at Amazon.com, it says:

Around the turn of the century, an itinerant Turkish wrestler came one day to a village in the mountains of north-west Syria and, in a voice which rang around the hamlet, offered to take on all comers. A powerfully built man already in his forties stepped forward, seized the wrestler by the middle, and threw him to the ground. ‘Wahhish!‘ , the villagers cried admiringly. ‘He’s a wild man!’ Their champion’s name was Sulayman. From then on he was known as Sulayman al-Wahhish, and Wahhish remained the family name until the 1920s. This was Hafiz al-Asad’s grandfather.

The first time I read that I thought the Turkish wrestler was the grandfather, but now I’m pretty sure that the villager was the grandfather. At any rate, if the origins of this name are true, it makes the apocalyptic theories of unhinged Christians look a little more ridiculous than they already did.

The reason I care is that the apocalyptic Christian argument that Bashar al-Asad is the antichrist partially rests on the claim that his family’s name was originally al-Wahash, ‘the Beast.’ So this anecdote that opens Seale’s book pulverizes that line of thinking. Well, I guess it wouldn’t for some people.

The Hans Wehr dictionary’s full entry on the noun/adjective وحش reads as follows:

waste, deserted, lonely, dreary, desolate; wild, untamed (animal);–(pl. وحوش and وحشان ) wild animal; wild beast; game; monster; beast (fig., also term of abuse)| الوحوش الضارية the predatory animals, the beasts of prey

Which is just one more illustration of how people who only know one language (average Americans) leap to wrong assumptions when confronted with words and terms from another language.

UPDATE: Rand Paul isn’t an opthalmologist in the strictest sense of the word. He is not accredited with the American Board of Ophthalmology, but rather by a small board of his own creation, which is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties – the governing group for two dozen medical specialty boards. Huff Post story here.

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