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Terrorist Makes a Bomb that Works

Matthew Yglesias at Think Progress asks why the media has paid so little attention to this recent terror attack in Florida, where the bomb actually worked.

(May 12) — FBI officials in Jacksonville, Fla., say they have found the remnants of a pipe bomb used in a possible hate crime at a mosque during evening prayers.

Along with local police, the FBI launched an investigation after an explosion shook the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida at 9:35 p.m. Monday, when approximately 60 people were inside praying. No one was injured.

Newspaper story here.

UPDATE: Crooks and Liars investigated and found that none of the major news outlets saw fit to cover the story.

I did a quick Google news search. I found lots of local stories. But look what happens when I try major news sites:

FOX News: Nothing
CNN: Nothing
MSNBC: Nothing
CBS News: Nothing.

Why is that?

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