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Did you hear about the arrests of mayors, assemblymen, and rabbis in New Jersey the other day? It’s a little out of my area of expertise, but Mantiq al-Tayr has a thorough post about it over here.

I’m bringing this up because I’ve seen almost nothing in the way of coverage, and I thought at least Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert would have a field day with it.

The most amazing thing to me is the rabbi who trafficked in human organs and coerced “donors” at gunpoint.

Her sources include a man who started working with Rosenbaum imagining he was helping people in desperate need. The man then began to see the donors, or to be more accurate, sellers, who were flown in from impoverished countries such as Moldova.

He said it was awful. These people would be brought in and they didn’t even know what they were supposed to be doing and they would want to go home and they would cry,” Scheper-Hughes said.

The man called Rosenbaum “a thug” who would pull out a pistol he was apparently licensed to carry and tell the sellers, “You’re here. A deal is a deal. Now, you’ll give us a kidney or you’ll never go home.’ ”

It took the FBI seven years to move on these guys!

The Brooklyn man arrested Thursday for dealing in black-market kidneys was identified to the FBI seven years ago as a major figure in a global human organ ring.

Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum’s name, address and even phone number were passed to an FBI agent in a meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan by a prominent anthropologist who has been studying and documenting organ trafficking for more than a decade.

I know some of my readers are libertarians and probably think that selling organs is the free market at work and shouldn’t be illegal or discouraged, but to the rest of us, that’s terribly sad.

Here’s a list of the 44 people who were arrested.

And I’m not sure if this article is straight or sarcastic, but it praises the kidney merchants.

Deal, New Jersey, USA, 26 July 2009. Organ trafficking, money laundering and corruption are just some of the crimes to allegedly have been committed by a ring which included three NJ mayors, five rabbis, two state assemblymen, and a city council president.

The rabbis were really just out to help people that needed kidneys, and if the economics of it allowed, make a few dollars on the side.

The rabbis were paying up to $10,000 in much-needed money to the sellers, and receiving about $160,000 from the buyers, mostly well-to-do Israelis.

Fantastic profit! So, my libertarian friends, yea or nay?

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