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Very Trippy Blog

You ever think to yourself, what if a mathematics-linguistics genius with a playful writing style had a blog? Wonder no more. It’s The World of Dr Justice, and it does not disappoint.
If you’re like me, reading this stuff is like trying to sip from a fire hose, but no doubt I’ll end up the smarter after reading the blog daily for a year.
Oh yes, Dr Justice updates his blog every single day, so you never have to wait.

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Blog Recommend – QusayToday

Got a comment a few days ago from Qusay and visited his blog, Qusay Today. It’s really nice, really slick. It’s a feel-good blog about Saudi Arabia, the kind of blog that drives home the point that Arabs are not exotic strangers who are completely different from Americans. It makes me smile.
Check it out here.

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New Blog to Recommend!

This time it’s not just a new blog to me, it’s a new blog altogether. Mantiq al-Tayr has commented here recently and just decided to create his own blog.

The events in Gaza have harshed my mellow recently, so I’m glad that bloggers like Mantiq al-Tayr are tackling the tough issues so that I can sit back and blog about unibrows* and houris.

Yesterday I went to a site that estimated the reading level of my blog and said it’s high school level. I don’t mind that**, but I’m going to boost my intellectual cred right now by using another big word.

Mantiq al-Tayr’s eponymous blog can be found right here. His inaugural post is a look at how the Washington Post sneakily lies to the American public (specifically about what’s going on in Gaza).

He’s a funny guy.

I’m happy to report that his blog is also on WordPress, which I like better than Blogspot because I can leave comments more easily with less stress to my antivirus software.

*I’m still working on the unibrow post. It’s hard to find enough supporting evidence.
**But I should point out that I am not in high school and haven’t been for over twenty years.

And just for extra measure, here’s a lovely photo of a hoopoe, to celebrate Mantiq al-Tayr’s new blog:

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