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Right-Wingers Rushing to Demonize Muslim Brotherhood

The right-wing propaganda machine got cranked up to 11 in the hopes of demonizing the Muslim Brotherhood among Americans, presumably to damage President Obama’s reelection chances, since Americans sure can’t vote on the new Egyptian government.

So a couple poor interns are having to expand their rarely-taxed brains and learn the difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Jazeera, just for propaganda purposes. Up until now Al Jazeera has equaled Al Qaeda in their atrophied minds. I hate to look, but undoubtedly they’ve been all over the MB entry at Wikipedia, adding made-up quotes and figures. Be prepared for some previously-obscure Christian pastors to say some really, mind-bogglingly stupid stuff about the MB in the coming days.

To see a couple brand new hit jobs on the MB and Obama, check out these two posts at MyRightWingDad.net.

Fw: Obama wants radical muslim brotherhood in new egyptian government
and Fw: Obama advice

The latter is a cartoon. And stay and look at the rest of the archive. You sure won’t think racism is dead in America after that.

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