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Video of Israeli Commando Executing American

I wasn’t going to post any more about the Freedom Flotilla, but over on Juan Cole’s site I found this post, Video Shows Israeli Commando Executing American. From there:

The Israeli military attempted to confiscate and erase the photographic and video evidence of its brutal asault on the Mavi Marmara aid ship on Memorial Day. But it turns out that digital images can often be recovered after erasure, and can be put on small memory sticks that can be hidden in nooks and crannies of luggage. So some images are in fact surfacing.

The most damaging is a film of an Israeli soldier kicking an American citizen while the latter is on the ground,and then executing him. This film completely refutes the rightwing Israeli government’s narrative of besieged lightly armed troops haplessly fending off naked aggression on the part of the aid workers.

I can’t make out very well what’s actually going on in this video. Try it yourself. There is no graphic gore visible.

There’s also a post over at Tikun Olam, IDF Executed Mavi Marmara Victims.

I don’t want to post the video here, but you can search for it on YouTube under İsraeli soldiers killing Furkan 19 years (The Freedom Flotilla) .

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