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Iraq in Confederations Cup

The Confederations Cup is underway in South Africa and I was pleasantly surprised to find that US television is actually covering it. I watched the full game between Iraq and South Africa. I won’t give the score here because I’m not a regular sports fan and I don’t know what the etiquette is on giving away the score of a game.

The sportscasters mentioned that the field wasn’t in very good condition. At least once it tripped up a player. And the for the entire game people were blowing on these air horns they had; I don’t know how they found the energy or lung power to do it, but it sure made it annoying to watch the game with sound on.

The World Cup is one year away and will also be played in South Africa.

Here’s a picture from 2007, posted because it is cute. Iraqi players Younis Mahmoud (R) and Hawar Mohammed (L).

And here’s what Younis Mahmoud looks like without his nose squished:

Aw, he’s so patriotic he tattooed Iraq onto his arm.

I noticed during today’s game that the Iraqi players had their first names instead of their last names on the back of their jerseys. This doesn’t entirely surprise me because I’ve seen a phone book from the Arab world that was alphabetical by first name, but I am a little surprised because I thought FIFA would have a last-name-only rule.
Iraq’s next games are on Wednesday against Spain and Saturday against New Zealand. ESPN2 is supposed to carry them.

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