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Freedom Flotilla Approaches Israel

I recommend reading Freedom Flotilla: “Israel is Threatening to Attack Us” over at Mantiq al-Tayr all about it. From there:

1. The quote in the title headline is from the video below featuring Huwaida Arraf, an American-born Christian woman of Palestinian heritage married to a Jew, Adam Shapiro, the head of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Rachel Corrie was with the ISM when she was murdered. Ms. Arraf is talking about the Freedom Flotilla, a group of ships heading to Gaza to break the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza’s shore. In addition, the Flotilla is not just carrying “humanitarian aid” – you know, shitty food that Jews occupying Palestine wouldn’t eat themselves, they are carrying construction materials so that Gaza can rebuild itself after the terrorist murderous Israeli invasion of Gaza about a year and a half ago. Said invasion being a series of war crimes against the Palestinian people that was bravely supported by both houses of the Congress of the United States of America, a fact which all decent Americans are utterly ashamed of.

Here are a couple of other articles on the general topic. This one’s from Veterans Today and this one’s from Counterpunch.

And here’s a spanking new AP article about the flotilla. Posted one hour ago.

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