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Better Know a Christian Terrorist Group II

You may have read about Christian terrorist group leader Robert Sandalo here before, or you read Italian newspapers, or else you’ve never heard of him. Because the media for some reason absolutely will not report on him in English. It’s amazing. Fortunately for me, I have Yahoo and Google alerts and an Italian translator up my sleeve. Here’s the translation of an article I got the other day:

It’s official, the sentence is 8 and a half years in prison for Roberto Angelo Maria Severini, better known as Robert Sandalo, charged, along with Maurizio Peruzzi of having committed, between June 2006 and April 2008, twelve attempts at harming Islamic community sites and places of worship. The court confirmed the sentence for the former terrorist of Prima Linea. Sandalo admits to having founded an organization called the Fighting Christian Front. Following his arrest on 9 April 2008 in the aftermath of two incendiary attempts, one upon the Islamic Cultural Center on Via Quaranta and then against the Segrate Islamic Center, [Sandalo] was booked on the fast track, for carrying weapons of war and the like in a public place, threatening, vandalism, arson, forgery, and robbery, all exacerbated by the attempts having been carried out for racial hatred, as well as repeatedly and within a five year span. Within the justifications of the preliminary sentence emitted on 5 November 2008, the GUP (the Preliminary Hearing Judge) Marco Maria Alma wrote, “Severini essentially professed (luckily without any followers) to be a type of warrior and knight of Christianity against Islam, trying to give vent to such ideology using typically terrorist actions (sometimes striking targets indiscriminately, in relation to their mere religious connotation).” According to Alma, “it is absolutely clear that Severini (and sometimes Peruzzi with him) did not act simply because he was feeling aversion towards Muslims, but because was intending to provoke an action, and potentially, a public reaction towards towards [Muslims].” If the former informant had not plotted to kill using weapons “characterized by their lethality” such as pipebombs and molotov cocktails, his attempts would “have created the risk of possibly tripping some kinf of extremely dangerous short-circuit, with against the Islamic community, reactions that fortunately have not happened, only thanks to the [Muslims] composed conduct. [At that time, last November] the sentence was 9 years and 9 months of imprisonment. Last April 7, the sentence was appealed down to 8 and a half years of prison. The other defendant (Peruzzi) negotiated 4 years.

So he was unsuccessful at killing anyone, unlike the Christian terrorist group terrorizing Uganda, the Lord’s Resistance Army. Between terror groups such as the LRA, which has killed hundreds of thousands, and Uganda’s own government, which is now mulling executing homsexuals, Uganda doesn’t sound like the kind of nice place to live you might expect from a country dominated by Christians. If you were very naive.

I may have to create a new page for keeping track of the Christian terrorist groups out there. Maybe call it “Christterror.”


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