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This afternoon I took my computer to two delightful young men, one of whom laid healing hands on it while the other gave me a quick lesson in what’s what in computing nowadays. And Mr Magic Hands also doubled my memory!

So now I’m taking it out for a spin. It’s so fast. Did you see how fast it did that?

This was a solid step towards my inchoate new years resolution to become more tech savvy this year. Today, for example, was the first time I’ve unhooked my computer and taken it anywhere. That felt weird. Now I just need to do a few more things like download a song and use a thumbdrive, once I acquire a thumbdrive. I’ll have to see what’s out there in the way of cute thumbdrives.

I know there are some other techy things I want to learn how to do, but I can never remember them when I try to think of them.

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