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A Couple More Shirt Designs

On sale at my Zazzle shop now, which can be found by clicking the hyperlink in the first half of this sentence or else entering http://www.zazzle.com/snarlahusayn into your search window.

This one here is a quotation from Alf Layla wa Layla aka 1,001 Nights aka Tales of the Arabian Nights. I think it’s a generally useful sentiment: “Don’t ask about what doesn’t concern you, or you might hear what doesn’t please you.” Of course on the t-shirt it’s in Arabic, with English smaller underneath.

Another t-shirt, of which I don’t have a picture, reads in Arabic, “Death before dishonor.” This particular phrase came from a sample of pre-Islamic literature and stuck with me. In Arabic it rhymes. Once again, there’s the Arabic and then the English underneath in smaller letters.

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