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Song Review: “We Will Fight the Heathens”

This is a guest post by a friend who hasn´t thought up a cool pen name yet.

Song Review: “We Will Fight the Heathens”

I had heard the above-named song and I thought of Snarla’s website, and her theme. I thought a review of this song might be fitting. My thanks, Snarla.

And now to the song; I’m a long-time fan of this band, and I rate this song a success. The instrumentals, the beat, the double-edged vocals of Daren Malakien, the rasper and the sonneter, all in one man. And then there’s the lyrics.

They are poignant, they are evocative, they are good. Astride the music they paint a picture of the early crusades.

The lyrics feed our senses, give us what perhaps all good stories give: controversy.

I think the song can be enjoyed– was meant to be enjoyed– without screwing some weighty political tag to its context. We’ve heard that kind of thing before– shame on the Christians, shame on the Moslems, shame on the Jews. I think we’ve had our fill of this. After all, isn’t it that kind of thinking, that kind of blame-me bullshit, that created the strife that inspired the song in the first place? “–beliefs are the bullets of the wicked…”

The song is good and– just for fun– it makes you think. I won’t delve into specifics but rather let you savor that for yourself. Let you find out who the “Partisan Brother of War” is. Enjoy.

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Mario Theme Song on Marimba

A while back I had a video of the Mario Bros them song played on guitar and oud, which I loved. Here it is played on Marimba. No Arab theme here, but I love the sound of the marimba.


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Random Playlist

Well, that’s random for you. Here are the 20 songs that came up on shuffle:

1- Harem – The Reg Project (Arabic Jukebox)
2- La Leila wala Youm – Ilham al-Madfai
3- My Man is Somebody Else’s Too – Evelyn Brickey, (Barrelhouse Women 1925-1930)
4- So I Need You – 3 Doors Down
5- Killing an Arab – The Cure
6- Senorita – Juan Luis Guerra
7- Little Red Corvette –Prince
8- Brown Eyed Girl – Everclear
9- What I Like About You – The Romantics
10- Outro – Calle 13
11- On the Road to Find Out – Cat Stevens
12- Here We Go Again – Everclear
13- Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode
14- Up Around the Bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival
15- Weak and Nervous Blues – Frances Wallace and Clara Burston, Barrelhouse Women 1925-1930
16- Que Lloren – Calle 13
17- Ya Bint el Eh – Tamer Hosni
18- En Tus Pupilas – Shakira
19- Shambala – Three Dog Night
20- Tuesday’s Dead – Cat Stevens

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Stairway to Heaven Played on the Oud

I love her tranquil face as she plays.

As with so many YouTube videos, there are commenters claiming it’s FAKE. I have no idea. But I like it.

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Super Mario Theme Played on the Oud

A couple of oud players in thobes play the Super Mario video game theme song on ouds. Sounds good to me.

UPDATE: Whoops, only one of them is playing the oud. The other is playing a guitar.

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Ramadan Kareem

Happy Ramadan! For Ramadan I’d like to rerun this video of a Kareem Salama song, A Land Called Paradise. It’s a real sweet video of real, live Muslims with simple messages to their fellow countrymen (us). Sorry that it’s country music, but it’s not too twangy.


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Monday Music Video

Barbara Lynn singing “You’ll Lose a Good Thing.”

Running low on brilliant ideas lately. Maybe it’s the weather wearing me down. But I’m not giving up. I’ll probably think of some cracker-jack ideas before long.

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Dance, Little Parrot

If you’re not accustomed to Arabic music, you might want to turn your sound down a smidge.

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A Musical Interlude

Here’s a clip of song sung by a cute little girl with a good voice. It’s not subtitled, but it’s a religious song. Happily, it has a nice, upbeat tempo.

Music is a great way to improve your language skills. I should really listen/watch more, because just in this song, for example, are two phrases that have given me grief in the past, لبيك and نحري دون نحرك. Lesson learned.

Speaking of girls singing religious songs, and this is a whole different thing and I don’t mean to draw a parallel here–Lamb and Lynx Gaede of Prussian Blue turn 18 next year. Imagine the fun they’ll have.

I’m not going to link to their music, but it’s on YouTube if you want to look for it. So you know what to expect, here’s a comment on one of their songs:

Fathers and Mothers: Warn your children of the danger in associating with other races particularly Blacks I informed my Daughter to never trust a smile I told her to be polite but distant, and to remain alert; to avoid blacks whenever possible, and not fall for there rhetoric; white children are often targeted for attacked by minorities parents if you love your children warn them of the dangers.

And here’s another:

I only hope that you´re not White because seeing you write things like that makes me wanna kick your stupid fucker ass! And if you are White then I have two words for you:FUCK YOU!!! you fucking race traitor!!! It´s because of ignorant and stupid people like you that we live in a World where niggers,jews,muslims and all other discusting parasites are trying to take over the control of the World!

Those are YouTube comments, of course, which are pretty much all like this.

Unrelated to the above: An Israeli Jew urges a boycott of Israel. Los Angeles Times.

Man, the people in Gaza really have it rough. What a crummy Ramadan this year.


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Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

This song just played on my iPod shuffle and I like it so much I’m sharing it. On my iPod it’s the Peter Paul and Mary version, which I love, not this really excellent cover version, which is also pretty irresistible.

Makes me think about picking up my guitar and practicing again.

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