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Stop Me Before I Get a Dog

I’ve wanted a dog for about twenty years, in a not particularly urgent way. I’ve read up on puppy training, watched the Dog Whisperer, searched for images of adorable puppies. My dream dog that I’d never get because I’m against purebred dogs in principle is a Shiba Inu dog. And one might be available for adoption.

Here’s a pic of what they look like. Sooooo cute.

Don’t really stop me. This is going to happen. Wheels are in motion. I only hope my cats forgive me.


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Libyan Fighter Feeds Kitten

Originally found on I Can Has Cheezburger.

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Lion and Jackal Illustration

This could be interpreted as an early lolcats. I can’t make out the writing; either it’s Persian or it’s Arabic in the farsi script, which I always have troubles with.

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Blast From the Past: Broccoli Kitten

I was feeling down today, so I cheered up by watching this clip of Kitten Loves Broccoli.

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Senseless Killing of Zoo Animal Becomes Broadway Play

Do you remember back in 2003 how an endangered Bengal tiger in the beleaguered Baghdad zoo was shot to death by a scared soldier with an illegal weapon because the hungry tiger was tasting another soldier? Well, they’ve made it into a Broadway play. And Robin Williams stars! As the tiger! I am not joking.

Now that this play exists, it’s difficult to internet research on the original story, even in Arabic. For instance, in the play the tiger’s name is Mamdouh. Can’t find any corroboration of that, though.

It wasn’t impossible, though. Okay what happened was some army reserve officer decided it would be a good idea to treat his soldiers to a cookout, and that a good place to roast a lamb would be in the middle of zoo full of underfed carnivores. More fantastic decision making took place that night, when a reservist decided to stand within reaching distance of a tiger. The story we heard at the time was that the soldiers had been drinking, but apparently they hadn’t drunk a significant amount. So the guy who stood a couple feet from a tiger and turned his back was sober. So anyway, as the 11-year-old tiger was munching this soldier’s arm, his buddy pulled a contraband pistol and shot the tiger dead. The snack soldier lost the use of his arm.

Sounds fishy, right? Most zoos don’t have tiger enclosures within reaching distance of the public. Neither did this one. The soldier was between the inner and outer enclosure, that is to say, in a really, really stupid place to be.

If Jurassic Park has taught us anything, it’s that we can create life and therefore we don’t need to think about wildlife conservation, because if you want more tigers, you can just whip them up in a lab.

So anyway, yeah, someone made a Broadway play out of this story.

The play, which is at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, takes place in Baghdad, shortly after “Shock and Awe.” Director Moises Kaufman says the playwright may have come up with a theatrical equivalent, as he attempts to describe Bengal Tiger: “There is a tiger that talks, there is a ghost of the son of Saddam Hussein, there is the ghost of a young girl, there are two American soldiers, one of whom dies in the middle of the play and becomes a ghost.” He concludes, “It’s part ghost story, part war play, part satire, part theater of the absurd.”

Bummer. While researching this I found out that US soldiers also killed four lions that had escaped from the zoo.

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Saturday Cat Video – Cat On Ice Chases Fish Under Ice

Found this on Neatorama, but it obviously came from Cheezburger.

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Enthusiastic Dog Really, Really Likes Snow

What wonderful videos there are out there. The music doesn’t help this one any…it’s better muted.

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Meow-Y Christmas

calico cat pressure cooker box chillin xmas christmas

Here are my cats enjoying Santa’s bounty. The calico’s enjoying my brand new pressure cooker, which will be cooking curry tomorrow…

tortoiseshell boxes xmas morning christmas

…and the tortoiseshell is overwhelmed with options and doesn’t know which box to choose.

dried anchovies

Santa also brought them delicious, nutritious dried anchovies from the Korean supermarket.

UPDATE: Tummy now full of delicious and tender chicken curry cooked in pressure cooker. Hail, pressure cooker!

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A Cat for Monday Morning

Cute Overload sends me a daily email chock full of cute animal photos. This one charmed me so much this morning that I had to share it.

WordPress went and discontinued the theme I was using, replacing it with this one you see now, so I do apologize that my page has changed and gotten cluttered. Maybe I’ll go find a new theme that’ll do the trick. I really liked the old one.

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Because Muslims Hate Dogs II

Yay, more pictures of Muslims not hating dogs, not hating dogs at all. Here are Muslims who love dogs, and not just Salukis.

Okay, I don’t know what this one says. My guess is this guy rescued the dog, but I don’t know.

muhajibah with dog rottweiler

Thank you to commenter Kittun for her blog and pointing me in the right direction to find more photos.


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