Completely Off-Topic: A Terrible Rendition of the National Anthem

If you like to punish your ears and your soul, listen to this clip of an 11-year old singing the Star Spangled Banner. As far as I’m concerned, I have no problems with her pitch. I believe her story that the echo of the PA system threw her off. More power to her. What I find unforgiveable is the singer adding “flourishes” in the belief that she’s showing off what she can do vocally. The SSB is not the song for showing off your “soulfull” embellishments. The SSB is 2-minutes long, not 3-minutes long.

FYI, the singer has a web site. Harper Gruzins is her name.

10 years old in this picture, according to her website

According to her website, she was 10 when she posed for this.

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