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Completely Off-Topic: A Terrible Rendition of the National Anthem

If you like to punish your ears and your soul, listen to this clip of an 11-year old singing the Star Spangled Banner. As far as I’m concerned, I have no problems with her pitch. I believe her story that the echo of the PA system threw her off. More power to her. What I find unforgiveable is the singer adding “flourishes” in the belief that she’s showing off what she can do vocally. The SSB is not the song for showing off your “soulfull” embellishments. The SSB is 2-minutes long, not 3-minutes long.

FYI, the singer has a web site. Harper Gruzins is her name.

10 years old in this picture, according to her website

According to her website, she was 10 when she posed for this.

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Palestine’s Female Olympic Athletes


Woroud Sawalha

Palestine has two female athletes in the 2012 games. Swimmer Sabine Hazboun and runner Woroud Sawalha. I’d love to see their events.

Sabine Hazboun

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Romney Describes Arab Spring as a “Problem”

Mitt Romney on Saturday explicitly sought for the first time to turn the Arab Spring into an issue in the United States presidential race. In an interview with an Israeli newspaper to set up his visit to Israel this weekend, Mr. Romney made several provocative statements distinguishing himself from President Obama.

Mr. Romney discussed the Arab Spring revolts as a problem rather than progress. He asserted against some evidence that the Obama administration had abandoned an agenda of pushing for democratic reform pursued by George W. Bush, and he characterized even the most moderate and Western-friendly Islamists – those in the political parties leading legislatures in Tunisia and Morocco – as political opponents.

He really made and sold these, no lie

An actual Romney Olympics pin

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Is Bachmann the Real Government Infiltrator?

Juan Cole had an excellent post the other day. Michele Bachmann has charged Clinton aide Huma Abiden of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood…turns out Bachmann has deeper ties of her own.

3. Bachmann is a supporter of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan and tried to visit with them.. The Northern Alliance was a coalition of forces fighting the Taliban. It consisted in part of the Jami’at-i Islami, to which many of its prominent members belonged. The Jami’at-i Islami is the Afghanistan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, founded by Egyptian missionaries in the 1960s. Another component of the Northern Alliance was the Shiite Hizb-i Vahdat or Unity Party, which was allied with Iran in the 1990s.

So Bachmann is, once again, closely connected with the Muslim Brotherhood via the Afghanistan Northern Alliance.

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Billions Wasted/Lost in Iraq

In unsurprising news:


“The precise amount lost to fraud and waste can never be known,” the report said.

The auditors found huge problems accounting for the huge sums, but one small example of failure stood out: A contractor got away with charging $80 for a pipe fitting that its competitor was selling for $1.41. Why? The company’s billing documents were reviewed sloppily by U.S. contracting officers or were not reviewed at all.

With dry understatement, the inspector general said that while he couldn’t pinpoint the amount wasted, it “could be substantial.”

Also, I highly recommend the book We Meant Well; How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People by Peter Van Buren. It’s entertaining as well as informative. Man can write.

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Israel Imprisoned Palestinian Soccer Player for 3 Years with No Charges

Israel just released Mahmoud Sarsak after holding him for three years with no charges, because Israel can do that.

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