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Song Review: “We Will Fight the Heathens”

This is a guest post by a friend who hasn´t thought up a cool pen name yet.

Song Review: “We Will Fight the Heathens”

I had heard the above-named song and I thought of Snarla’s website, and her theme. I thought a review of this song might be fitting. My thanks, Snarla.

And now to the song; I’m a long-time fan of this band, and I rate this song a success. The instrumentals, the beat, the double-edged vocals of Daren Malakien, the rasper and the sonneter, all in one man. And then there’s the lyrics.

They are poignant, they are evocative, they are good. Astride the music they paint a picture of the early crusades.

The lyrics feed our senses, give us what perhaps all good stories give: controversy.

I think the song can be enjoyed– was meant to be enjoyed– without screwing some weighty political tag to its context. We’ve heard that kind of thing before– shame on the Christians, shame on the Moslems, shame on the Jews. I think we’ve had our fill of this. After all, isn’t it that kind of thinking, that kind of blame-me bullshit, that created the strife that inspired the song in the first place? “–beliefs are the bullets of the wicked…”

The song is good and– just for fun– it makes you think. I won’t delve into specifics but rather let you savor that for yourself. Let you find out who the “Partisan Brother of War” is. Enjoy.

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