Off Topic Yet Again: US Politics

A few days ago I copied this paragraph from a post at Crooks & Liars, and haven’t been able to find the right place to use it. It’s about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

The first reason is he has five gorgeous able-bodied adult sons who’ve never spent a day in the military. Actually, none of the as-yet announced Republican candidates have children serving in the military. We’ve been in two wars now for nearly a decade each and yet the all-volunteer force is entirely made up of Americans not spawned from GOP candidates. For the last 30 years at least, the Republicans have been relentlessly, uniformly hawkish – but mostly with other peoples’ children. This disconnect was made evident in the ’08 election when soldiers donated money to candidate Barack Obama 6-1 over Senator John McCain.

Something I think about when I hear demagoguery about the poors not bearing their share of the burden.


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  1. While I agree with the part about GOP hawkishness that doesn’t take into account people’s children. John McCain’s actually have two boys in the military (Jack and Jimmy). The reason soldiers preferred Obama is because he wanted to end the war while McCain didn’t care if it lasted a 100 years.

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