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Absurd Video by National Day of Prayer Task Force

I’ve never paid much attention to the National Day of Prayer, always assuming it was one of those clear violations of the Establishment Clause that we nevertheless live with because our leaders are prevaricators and panderers. So when I saw this video posted on Wonkette, with the bombastic music, apocalyptic imagery, and focus on the Christian bible to the exclusion of any other religion, I thought it had to be a hoax. Apparently it’s the real deal, though.

From the task force’s web site:

Official Policy Statement on Participation of “Non-Judeo-Christian” groups in the National Day of Prayer:

The National Day of Prayer Task Force was a creation of the National Prayer Committee for the expressed purpose of organizing and promoting prayer observances conforming to a Judeo-Christian system of values. People with other theological and philosophical views are, of course, free to organize and participate in activities that are consistent with their own beliefs. This diversity is what Congress intended when it designated the Day of Prayer, not that every faith and creed would be homogenized, but that all who sought to pray for this nation would be encouraged to do so in any way deemed appropriate. It is that broad invitation to the American people that led, in our case, to the creation of the Task Force and the Judeo-Christian principles on which it is based.

Kind of “stand aside while we pray in the public square” kind of slap in the face to everyone but Christians (I’m assuming Jews smirk at their nonsensical pseudo-inclusion). I just wish they’d have public trials to see which Christians qualify as Christian enough to count.

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