But What Religion is Loughner, Part 2

The AP had a long piece giving a little bit of background on America’s latest bigtime terrorist, Jared Loughner, who they refuse to label a terrorist although he was proud to declare himself one. All these paragraphs, yet neither the reporter nor the editor nor, apparently, the public thought to give a damn about his religion. This would be completely different if only one factor were different. It could be his name, say if there were a Muhammad or an Ahmad or even a Samir in there. It could be the appearance of being of African descent. A few tones darker, and the Malkins and Gellers would be making assumptions. It could be having taken a class in comparative religions or an attempt at learning a challenging foreign language. Or travel. All of those things would send the media machine shrikeing about “radicalization,” politicians bloviating, and reporters digging up Loughner’s and his family’s religious background like a pack of bloodhounds.

But Jared Loughner is named Jared Loughner and he’s blindingly white and apparently went through his life without being charmed by any other cultures. So although he very cleary carried out a premeditated act of multiple murder in a public place with the intend to change other people’s behavior, our media and politicians will not label him a terrorist.

Peter King, congressman and Irish terrorist sympathizer will continue with his plans to hassle the Muslim community in the US. The Jewish Anti-Defamation league will continue to be silent about anti-Muslim and anti-Arab bigotry. Geller, Malkin, Schlussel, Pipes, Spencer, and the rest of the “I’m a xenophobic ignoramus” choir will sing the same song they’ve been singing. “Muslims bad. Christian good.”

There is actually this one little bit about Christianity in the article. Notice how the reporter downplays it. This is the No True Scotsman fallacy: although Loughner is expressly talking about Christianity, the reporter (the supposedly impartial, unbiased reporter who is just giving us the facts, mind you) interjects his little disclaimer:

Loughner was arrested in October 2008 on a vandalism charge near Tucson after admitting he scrawled the letters “C” and “X” on a road sign in a reference to what he said was Christianity.

See? “In reference to what he said was Christianity.” I imagine the reporter or editor or both were expecting a firestorm of outrage if they left out “he said was.” Because the American public knows that if you leave out the ETA, the IRA, the Lord’s Resistance Army, the KKK, folks who assassinate doctors, and myriad others, Christianity is always peaceful today. Nevermind the Crusades and the Inquisition, which happened back in the mists of time.

Interestingly, to show how Christianity-soaked our country is, the Sheriff’s captain mentioned in the article is named Chris, the 9-year-old that Jared murdered is named Christina, and one of the reporters of this piece is named Christy. (Turns out there were five reporters involved, and although I used the male pronoun, most of them were women–good).

So as a friend of mine pointed out, there is no outcry that Loughner “lawyered up.” He remained silent and sought the legal help of a lawyer, just as we expect white Americans to do when they massacre. There were no calls to throw him into Guantanamo and let him moulder there. He was embraced by the US justice system, and the US public is perfectly happy with that. After all, he had mental problems and just needs help, the poor boy.

US citizens it's okay to shoot on sight

US citizen who just needs some help, poor boy

US citizen killed by Israeli commandos, no protest by US


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4 responses to “But What Religion is Loughner, Part 2

  1. Adam

    From what I have seen in the media, Loughner planned and worked with due diligence for his moment in the limelight and should be suitably rewarded with a lethal injection. His lawyers will undoubtedly go for the insanity angle since they don’t have too many other cards to play.

    The question of possible religious motivation seems to be a preoccupation here. He apparently scrawled an “X” and a “C” on a road sign “in a reference to what he said was Christianity”. “C” might refer to Christian but “X” is commonly a reference to “Xristos” (Christ, the Anointed, written in Roman letters). So was Loughner “Christian-Christian” or “eX-Christian” or was he just fumbling for an answer when the police demanded “What are you doing?”

    The “altar” in his backyard, with the skull, oranges, candles and incense doesn’t strike me as particularly Christian and not even a good first stab at Santaria. Even some fairly “extreme” Christian sects retain the cross symbol at the core of their symbolism. There is nothing indicating Wicca or other traditional forms of worship. The skull suggests some form of esoterica, or just nuts. Several lifetimes ago a very private tenant sharing a house rental opened the door to his room so I could see a similar altar and a double barrel shotgun. I warned the others and the rental agent and got very busy finding a new place to live.

    Loughner seems to have been the author of some material on YouTube which emphasized logic, grammar, and some sort of thought control through the particular presentation of material through the media. (csmonitor.com/USA/2011/0112/Arizona-shooting-suspect-Jared-Loughner-5-of-his-strange-ideas/1.-Grammar-is-a-form-of-mind-control) Such preoccupations suggest that he was getting fairly close to the edge, politically or mentally. So far there is no indication that his beliefs or actions were driven by a need to live closer to some Biblical ideal or by a hope of bringing more people to Jesus. Politically or psychiatrically, he was a nut case although probably not legally “insane”.

    Since Loughner attacked an official and then a crowd of bystanders the term “irrationality” comes to mind. I recall some early news comment about Loughner feeling betrayed by Representative Giffords due to one or more of her votes, possibly on the Health Care Reform issue. He seems to have actually put her on his target list much earlier in 2007 as a result of some unsatisfactory interaction. Perhaps she didn’t recognize either his “need” or his mental “brilliance”. He was if anything, a scorned, needy “lover”. I don’t think he had the mental capability to tie his attack to anything more profound than his own obsessions. For his actions to be linked to a political end, he would have needed help from a different type of organized and malicious personality.

    Loughner presents a similar pattern of motivations as does another member of your portrait gallery, Major Nidal Hasan, who was central to an incident of “workplace violence” at Fort Hood. Most workplace violence involves pursuing a spouse or significant other or getting revenge for perceived unjust treatment. The perception of unjust treatment rather than just actual demonstrable unjust treatment is relevant since that is brings in the interesting “paranoia” and “terrorist” drives.

    Major Hasan was not functioning well in his capacity as a mental health worker. Mental health, elder care, cancer and burn treatment require definite balancing of technical skills, patient communication and emotional reserve. Perhaps he was just in the wrong medical specialty. Major Hasan may have been bothered by any military involvement in a Muslim country. He was an intelligent man specifically trained to approach personal conflicts yet he chose a brutal way to escape his problem(s). He violated his oath as a physician, his oath as an officer and common humanity by attacking those he was supposed to be helping. Oh, yelling “Allah Akbar!” is sure to keep the issue of religion out of the situation. None the less the operation was not a classical success. The suicide projectile is supposed to go out in a purifying blaze of glory. Instead we will be treated to the profound defects of the officer, the physician and the human dissected for all to see and wonder at. Allah Akbar!

    Which brings us to that silver tongued devil, Anwar Awlaki. In most situations, a troubled individual could hope for a friend, co-worker, family member, priest, etc to talk through his problem and perhaps find a workable solution. All those who talk with Anwar seem to come to a common type of solution that involves killing a lot of innocent people. The legal math tends to go along “1 + 1 = conspiracy”. That moves things from a political or psychiatric nut case to a terror attack since there is one individual working to that criminal end. In a conspiracy, everyone gets full credit even if the entire plan is recognized only by one participant. The actual motivation, and the religion, of the individuals are irrelevant although as a practical matter there is that commonly recurring theme now-a-days. Recruiters are vitally important for how else would some individual, perplexed by job, family, or emotional issues find the coherence to plan a decent terror attack. That disorganized and otherwise useless person needs capable guidance which crosses into the realm of a terror attack. Loughner happened to fixate on his Representative to Congress, I am sure, completely by accident. It could have been one of his community college teachers, some fellow student who turned him down because she sensed the horror inside him or all those other women exercising at the college gymnasium. There was an individual detained after the shooting who might have been “aiming” the Loughner “projectile”; an Arizona Anwar so to speak. He also was just an innocent bystander. There was no Anwar from Agnus Dei or a Tikkun Master at the site so it is falling into just another fringe nutcase shooting.

    I do not know if Mr. Awlaki is in fact a “recruiter” but someone in government has clearly made the prima facie case that he is and also that he is damn good at what he does. Mr. Awlaki can of course present himself to virtually any embassy and get an all expenses paid trip to the US where he can clear up any misunderstandings. I hate to jest, but as a practical matter, if he was to walk off a ways from where he was staying (to avoid the crowds, so to speak) with his bag and to write his name in two foot tall letters with chalk on a road or with rocks in the dirt, someone probably would soon be along to pick him up.

    The other picture in your photo array appears to be Mr. Furkan Dogan. The Dogan family has my sympathy; my children are now older than 19 but I can understand the pain that their loss would bring. I think that the government of the United States did not protest the circumstances of his death since the video recordings make it clear that the Israeli landing party on the M.S. Mavi Marmara was violently attacked and used deadly force only in self defense. There were no casualties on other ships where passive resistance was employed in response to the boardings. Mr. Dogan intentionally sailed in harms way and his journey did not go well. May he rest in peace.

  2. The Palestinian Problem

    One of the first problems that needs to be solved is the Palestinian refugees of 500,000 Which has been stated in the news. My answer to this problem is to get all of the middle east countries and what other countries you can to get more involved in the peace process by adopting as many of these refuges as they can over a period of years. This one act alone would send a signal to Israel that the middle east country’s are willing to compromise for the safety and welfare for all in the region.
    If this major problem can be overcome, It will open the door to these other problems and they will become less difficult to solve.

  3. moses

    jared Loughner appears to be Jewish. His mother Amy loughner is Jewish according to Jareds best friend. jared fully confirms Shakespeare, “Certainly, the Jew is the very Devil incarnation”. The Devil behaviour of Jared(hebrew name) is proof that he is pure evil. Ther is great hatred between orthodox and reform Jews. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is a reform Jew ( Father was Jewish0. research yourself.

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