But What Religion is Loughner?

Now, I’m not saying Sarah Palin ordered Jared Loughner to shoot a bunch of people. Sarah makes an easy target [ha!] because her team created a nice graphic that I can easily post to my own blog. Glenn Beck, on the other hand, has probably done a whole lot more to stir up people like Loughner than Sarah Palin has. Unfortunately, Beck’s ouevre is mostly video, and I can’t bring myself to post any of his work on my blog.

To concentrate on the point of this blog, did you notice that we haven’t heard yet what religion Loughner is? If his name had a Muhammad in it, of course, we’d have heard within the first hour. The usual islamophobes would be screeching and howling. What news outlets have even dealt with the issue of Loughner’s beliefs have said that he had strange ideas. They aren’t bothering to find out what they would have found out in the first day if his skin were dark: in which religion was he brought up? What a perfect example of white, Christian privilege. If you open fire in a crowd in the US, targeting political figures and also mowing down bystanders indiscriminately, and you’re white, you’re a disturbed individual who should have gotten the mental health care he deserved. Do all the same while Arab and you’re undoubtedly a Muslim terrorist acting on behalf of a terrorist organization.

Oh yeah, about Sarah Palin, according to this The Telegraph story of Nov 2008,

The Secret Service warned the Obama family in mid October that they had seen a dramatic increase in the number of threats against the Democratic candidate, coinciding with Mrs Palin’s attacks.

Found at Monkey Muck blog.

UPDATE: I had to add this because it is awesome:


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3 responses to “But What Religion is Loughner?

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  3. AllahPeace

    Brother, your willpower is so weak that you fashion yourself a victim for your skin color and religion. Your faith is weak. Allah demands strength.

    The DNC also displayed crosshairs long before Palin did this. We have also discovered through Loughner’s best friend Zach that he was an Atheist, not a Christian. There is a great difference between madmen expressing their disorder through fantasies of communitarian technocratic totalitarianism desired by Zeitgeist and The Venus Project compared to our perfectly lucid Muslim brothers acting with deliberate expressions and organized goals of subverting non-Muslim parliamentary outcomes through the fear of terrorism.

    Do not be attracted by these self-pitying left-wing victim-oppressor indoctrinations. It is weak and not becoming of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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