Let’s Keep Traitors in Jail, Mmmhmm?

Over at the Mantiq al-Tayr blog there’s an open letter to President Obama addressing Netanyahu’s fresh wave of attempts to get the spy Jonathan Pollard released from prison.

Read it here. Excerpt:

1. Israel must first provide the United States with copies of every single document that Pollard stole as was supposed to have happened 25 years ago but never did.

2. Israel must provide the names of all of its other intelligence assets currently within the United States as well those assets that provided Pollard’s handlers with individual document numbers identifying the documents Pollard was then ordered to steal by his handlers.

The spy Jonathan Pollard has been honored in Israel, the country which paid him to spy on us, with parks and streets and buildings* that bear his name. Should he be released to a hero’s welcome in Israel?

*Well, some in Israel and some in occupied Palestine.


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One response to “Let’s Keep Traitors in Jail, Mmmhmm?

  1. Peter Penguin

    Despite reading quite a bit of the world press, I missed this, as well as your last two pieces. Each of them very important indeed.
    Excellent work. Thanks for posting.

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