Wonkette: The Year in Mosk

Wonkette has a year-end rundown of the media’s handling of Islam-related issues, summed in the word “Mosk.”

ANNOUNCING WONKETTE’S PERSON OF THE YEAR: The guy who can’t spell “Muslim,” “mosque,” OR “Ground Zero,” yet NOES ENUFF to know he should be bigoted against any two of these things aligning. Yes, it was a banner year for hate on Earth yet again, even when we thought Justin Bieber would finally eclipse it. He didn’t! Hate won at the last second. But at least he made it close. The so-called “Muslin Groud Zero Mosk” was the perfect chance for bitter ever-backwards white people to get mad at the world outside the insular hate Tupperware they reside in […]

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Filed under bigoted idiots

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