New T-Shirt Design in Time for the Holidays

Someone in Texas loves you. Now tell the world about it by wearing this t-shirt. It’s mostly in Arabic, so it’s scary and controversial (to xenophobes) and the name of the state is in English, so people can pretty much automatically figure out that it says, “Someone in Texas loves me,” even if they resist knowing any foreign languages.

So far I have shirts for Texas, California, New York, Georgia, Maryland, and Minnesota. A lot more to go, so it might take a while. Let me know what state you want, and I’ll make it. UPDATE: London, Oklahoma, Ohio, Hawaii, Vermont, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Second Life now available.

Shirts and a whole bunch of other stuff available at my Zazzle store. Click on this! It takes you there.


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4 responses to “New T-Shirt Design in Time for the Holidays

  1. Ed

    ohhhh, I would buy one that said “London”!!!

  2. Duha

    Pennsylvania or Philadelphia 🙂

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