OH NOES! A Scary Name is Popular

I found a lovely blog today, Mail Watch, which I’ve barely looked at so far but which seems to do a valuable service: exposing sensationalist journalism. How I wish I had the time and patience to run a similar blog.

The article I stumbled upon, while researching stories about Muslim taxi drivers who refuse to take guide dogs (which is not all Muslim cabbies, obviously), is about recent (and also old) news about the popularity of the name Muhammad in England.

Please go over there and read it. Here’s an exerpt:

■It’s a crap trick. Adding together 12 variations of a name and saying the official list has Mohammed at number 16 without pointing out that the official list doesn’t add any variations of names together is just a bit dishonest.

■As is not bothering to mention exactly how popular a name Mohammed is among Muslims.

■Or that altogether, boys named every variation of Mohammed made up around just 2% of all boys. Actually, the number of boys named all variations of Mohammed actually took a slight drop since last year, but you didn’t mention that either.

■It’s an old crap trick. I was mentioning it on my blog back in 2007, when the trick made it look as though Mohammed was the second most popular boy’s name.

UPDATE: ha! Tabloid Watch has an even funnier takedown here.

This one is less funny, has more statistics.

Yet another way of looking at the facts here.

You may know that American “comedian” Bill Maher said stupid nonsense about this “alarming” naming trend a few days ago. So while I’m at it, I’ve always wanted to know, is there a woman alive who doesn’t get a creepy vibe from Bill Maher?


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  1. Good description. I love to make out the print Marcy

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