Because Muslims Hate Dogs II

Yay, more pictures of Muslims not hating dogs, not hating dogs at all. Here are Muslims who love dogs, and not just Salukis.

Okay, I don’t know what this one says. My guess is this guy rescued the dog, but I don’t know.

muhajibah with dog rottweiler

Thank you to commenter Kittun for her blog and pointing me in the right direction to find more photos.



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5 responses to “Because Muslims Hate Dogs II

  1. yazz

    I’m muslim and I have a dog. The quran its self does not condone dogs or women as a matter of fact. The qoran permits to keep a working dog though not suppose to keep it in the house. There is one contributer to the the hadith he disliked women and dogs all of his hadiths are against such. His interpretations centuries ago spurned the wahabi practicies against dogs and women.

  2. Many of my friends in Saudi own dogs, but here is why I am commenting.

    I had a friend from a rural area of Saudi Arabia, he told me that his uncle had a dog for 14-15 years, this dog used to take the sheep to graze in the morning, and bring them back in the evening, when that dog died, his uncle cried like he lost one of his children.

  3. Rayan Lababidi

    NO NO NO!! i have 4 dogs in my house u can keep dogs inside for protection and pets.

  4. sifusafri

    There are alot of Absurd and Fabricted Hadith about the negativity of Dog! Even the quran never say anything negative about dog!Allahuakbar!!

    (HOLY QURAN 18:18 )”You would think that they were awake, when they were in fact asleep. We turned them to the right side and the left side, while their dog stretched his arms in their midst.”

    Hadith tells us that angels won”t enter a room where there is a dog. That means that for 309 years that the sleepers were in the cave, no angel ever entered. Yet God says “We turned them….” The use of “we” clearly indicates the participation of angels. There is absolutely no reason to mention the dog as part of this story, except to make it clear to future generation that dogs are permitted to live among people, right “in their midst.”

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