This Reminds Me of Something

Found this at another blog, forgot to note where, but it was one of the commenters to this post at Sadly, No!


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3 responses to “This Reminds Me of Something

  1. tylerlewis72

    I served for a few tours in Iraq and we (the soldiers and our Iraqi friends and interpreters) debated the whole issue of whether or not we should have toppled Saddam. I came up with – what I thought was a viable sollution – and everyone I told it to, Iraqi or America, got a good laugh out of it. Well, it was a joke, or was it?

    April Glaspie: Saddam, this is very bad. You can’t just invade another country. You must leave at once.

    Saddam Hussein: Kuwait is not sovereign, they are part of Iraq, stolen by the British. We had the right to take our province back.

    April: Saddam, the world won’t stand for this, you must pull out now.

    Saddam: Impossible, there must be some other way.

    April: Well… there is…

    Saddam: What is it? Tell me!

    April: Well, if you would be willing to make a “deal” with the US, we could let you keep Kuwait.

    Saddam: What are the particulars of the deal?

    April (opening her briefcase and removing two contracts): Well, we have these two contracts. You can stay in Kuwait, but you’ll have to sign this contract pledging to give America oil at $24 a barrel for the next 99 years. Or, we have this second contract for $19.99 per barrel.

    Saddam: Why would I take a contract for $19 when I can get $24?

    April: Oh, I forgot to mention, with the second contract, you get Saudi Arabia.

  2. Ed

    Canon Andrew White is an Anglican bishop who has served an Iraqi congregation in Baghdad through thick and thin for the past 15 years (and is still there). He writes about how Iraqi Christians have gone through phases since the American invasion – YEAH, Saddam is gone – followed by, It’s so bad now we wish he were still here – followed by, We are glad he’s gone, but we are frightened about the future. I think that is where they are now.

  3. Thanks for commenting. I was hoping this wouldn’t be taken as too inflammatory.

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