If They Hate Us, Why Haven’t They Killed Us Yet?

venn diagram al-qaeda islam muslims world usa

Here’s a Venn diagram of the US population, the world Muslim population, the overlap, and al-Qaeda. The al-Qaeda dot had to be sized up tenfold in order to be visible.

If Islam were really a blood-soaked religion and most Muslims really backed al-Qaeda, wouldn’t they have taken us out already?

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  1. Brian

    You are absolutely right! The problem is we have trouble figuring out which is which. That problem arises from regular Islamic people not really denouncing the fringe of their religion.

    Take your illustration for example. You make no assertion that regular everyday muslims are fed up with the radical wing of their group, and are taking steps to remedy the situation. You only look to show how irrationally afraid everyone is.

    Do your part. Stand up for the muslims of the world that may not have the access to profess their disgust with al qaeda. I practice what I preach, and call out hypocritical christians, even though I am of the same ilk.

    • Fred

      Do you know what is really amazing? That the 1.5 BILLION Muslims have not crushed that small Al-Qaeda dot that’s giving the whole a bad image!!!

      Wrong conclusion, “Why they have not killed us” !!!

      More like they are content to let that small dot try to kill us!

      • it’s equally terrifying how an entire education system, backed by the most powerful nation in the world, and what-is-promoted-to-be the most forward thinking environment of peoples on the planet – has still failed to drill an ounce of rationality into your head. else, you’d probably have realised that there are conditions and scenarios in this world that are far too complex, and certainly do not warrant one-line solutions (in the manner that you present so).

        i earnestly believe that those 1.5 bn persons have better things to do, than worry about a few thousand individuals; equally fervently, i would believe that you ought to drop your paranoia – for, i can assure you, those 10000 men are neither capable nor interested in killing 300mn americans. all they need is to make some of you paranoid – and that is something that your lack of rational thought seems to provide them ample of.

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking along those lines…but then I thought about the tiny dot of murderers in the US circle. Murder is universally denounced, but the dot keeps growing no matter what we do.

      • “Content” seems like a really badly chosen word in this context. If the US military all its members, training and technology cannot wipe out that dot (nor even its most recognizable leader), how can average people who happen to be Muslim do so.

        It’s like asking the average Mormon to stop the FLDS practice of celestial marriage, which is usually predicated on what US law calls statutory rape, or asking average Catholics to end the decades-long aiding and abetting of pedophile priests.

        People choose to continue worshipping in these faiths for reasons of their own, but it is ridiculous to hold them responsible for the horrors that become associated with some of the members of their religions.

    • bob

      All we need to do is tell them: One bomb on American soil, and Mecca is glass. Where will you bow to then? Baghdad? Glass. Tehran? Glass. Hitler was only emboldened after the rest of us appeased him. Chamberlain got off his plane with a “peace treaty” even as “Der Fuhrer” was rolling across Europe. Learn from history people!

      • Sean

        Bob, you are a terrorist.

        You want to deliver an ultimatum, with no discussion, that if not complied with, will result in killing school children. Or as you call them: glass.

        This terrifies people in the Middle East and makes them believe we are insane and must be stopped at any cost.

      • Thomas

        Actually Bob’s remark is not terrorism. It’s an if-so-then-so military ultimatum, which any military should be willing to make to protect it’s people. There is further proof that such a statement is not terrorism: Terrorists don’t threaten like that. They strike terror in the hearts of free people by hitting *first* with a bomb without any prior negotiation. There is a big difference.

    • USA

      There are crazy people in every religion. Should upstanding, peaceful Christians have to spend their days reinforcing publicly that they do not approve of the actions of the KKK, the Branch Davidians, the Oklahoma City Bombers, and so forth?

    • AA

      I don’t know of a single Muslim who does not hate Al-Qaeda. And I live in Pakistan.

      The total Al-Qaeda related deaths in the western world are around 3000. Al-Qaeda has killed more innocent people in this year alone in Pakistan and other extremists like them have killed double that in Iraq.

      Please don’t lump us with them. The reason why we are being attacked by Al-Qaeda is because they believe we sold them out to US. If US excludes us as well, we would have no were to go.

      The fear-mongering we see in the US over the mosque issue is a cheap tactic by some to gain political advantage. If it is allowed to succeed; you will kills the values of West we look up to and want to see in our societies.

      • Rodion

        West is too busy with its own problems. It doesn’t care much about you, as it doesn’t care about genocide doing on in Darfur right now, or didn’t care about millions killed in Rwanda, or for years ignored mass murders in f. Yugoslavia in the heart of Europe.

        Do not expect any support from western liberals: once they supported Stalin and Pol Pot, who killed millions in their countries, today they are on the side of dictators and terrorists.

        Today the whole issue of human rights is hacked, abused and disgraced: UN HR council is controlled by ugliest dictatorships in the world, HR organizations are financed by Saudi Arabia funds, and many of their activists are racists and even Nazi admirers.

        The Ground-Zero mosque is not about freedom of religion. Many mosque are built across US and Europe, and in most cases it doesn’t create more tension than new churches, synagogues, Buddhist temples and so on. The only purpose of Ground-Zero is to be a victory monument to glorify terrorists. Last few weeks I was glad to hear some american Muslims finally opening their mouths against it.

        If you think that opponents of Ground-Zero mosque are against all Muslims – you are wrong. I think you may actually expect support and understanding from such people, who understand what they have and how much it worth. But you must get heard. At the moment, nobody hears you.

    • Hany

      Muslim Americans are denouncing and denouncing…. and again denouncing.. but the media chose not to publish their actions… WHY? Because it is not news.. The news is when it bleeds… not when it is peaceful and nice.. 101 Media Brian…

    • I don’t want anyone killing anyone! so quit picking fights cause the whole world is at stake.

    • Michal

      And why haven’t most Christians denounced the radically batshit Christians.

    • Cetin Koc

      That problem arises from regular Islamic people not really denouncing the fringe of their religion.


      That problem arises from regular Christian people not really denouncing the fringe of their religion.
      [Such as Tim McVeigh. We never see his name.
      Was he an Angel?]

  2. ray

    remember this populations are mainly tribal, they are embedded into the most primitive forms of existence, same people that still remember the Crusades and journey’s Richard Lion’ s Heart; next thing coming to them is the refusal to assign them a seat in a plane for obvious reasons and send them away to look for that tiny camel’s hair in their own backyard and stay away from Christianity, so they can find the essence of Islam and live and let live by it.

  3. There is also the matter of the U.S. having a much larger and more resourceful military, but we can pretend that it is a non-factor.

  4. Exactly. I can’t stand it when people conflate Islam with Arabs either. I love my Arab brothers and sisters but they are only 10% of the Muslim population in the world.

  5. Hey, fantastic Venn diagram. First one I’ve seen and it explains the situation very well.

    However, I take issue with your parting inquiry which this diagram doesn’t address at all. Maybe if you showed pie charts reflecting American military and intelligence spending versus all Muslim countries combined, you would realize why the question can’t arise out of the diagram you provided.

    All-in-all, I hope more people see this and realize how excessive their fears truly are.

  6. JD

    American opinions are the creation of zionists who control the dissemination of information and morality. Please, do not blame us, we know not what we do.

    We need help from Arabs/Muslims to uncover the truth. Together we will be strong.

  7. Osama is a usa’s agent, declare today

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  9. Devil's Advocate

    Alright, so that’s al qaeda. How many members do each of these have?:

    Abu Sayyaf
    Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades
    Ansar al-Islam
    Armed Islamic Group
    Egyptian Islamic Jihad
    Fatah al-Islam
    Islamic Jihad Union
    Jemaah Islamiyah
    Palestinian Islamic Jihad
    Palestine Liberation Front

    (I got bored, so I only skimmed the wikipedia listed. there are at least thirty other radical Islamic recognized terrorist groups…)

    • some groups in your list may be radical, but please donot not consider Plaestinian islamic Jihad and Palestine Liberation Front as terrorist groups. They are just struggling for surviving the invasion and free their own country.

      • bob

        PLO and PLF were offered peace and territory during Carter’s era, Reagan’s era, and Clinton’s era. They rejected it and kept attacking. They are not struggling for survival. Israel has done it’s part too, in avoiding peace, but they did concede to palestinian demands more than once. Palestine is stuck in a victim mentality. They wouldn’t know what to do with peace. National therapy is what is needed, and you can’t have that without a Palestinian State that recognizes an Israeli State.

      • Rodion

        Oh yeah, if so, why to include Taliban? They fight foreign invasion too. Egyptian Islamic Jihad stands up against the corrupted dictatorship. And Hezbollah is, mostly, just a charity organization.

    • Anon

      It’s an interesting point, but it also assumes that all of the groups are working together for identical goals. For example, last I heard Abu Sayyaf was way more interested in Africa than the States. It also assumes that these groups wouldn’t fight amongst themselves.

  10. Rodion

    Al-Qaeda is not the only Islamic terror organization. If you sum up Taliban, Hamas, Jemaah Islamiyah, Hizballa, and many others all over the world, you’ll get pretty big black spot. You also can’t ignore the fact, that good %% of Muslim population live under constant pressure of anti-American, anti-Semite, anti-Christian propaganda, and yes – really hate USA and want all of you to die.
    The answer to your question is very simple: besides the economic power, that’s not going away soon enough, USA has fantastic army with terrific weapon. No one can hope to take you out in a fair fight. But other ways exist.

    • Franz

      No. They don’t care about you enough to kill you all.
      Your weapons are useless against suicide bombers. Why aren’t you seeing every each one of the 18,000,000 muslims in the US denote himself/herself in a shopping mall? Because they’re normal people who just want to get on with their lives.

      • Rodion

        Good security measures work quite well against individual terrorism and small groups. You should look how US embassies around the world are guarded to get an idea.
        In different countries definitions of “normal people” are different. In Iran it is normal to participate rallies under the slogan “death to USA” and “martyrdom” organizations. In Somalia, it is normal to be an RPG-guy in a gang. If US will allow the level of incitement, normal for Islamic states, you may expect exponential growth in domestic Islamic terror, witch is alive and growing even now.

      • Rodion

        Just don’t get me wrong – I think the people of US must fight FOR those millions Muslim citizens, and against radical islamists, who’s trying to control them. What is happening at the moment looks almost opposite.

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  12. 1concernedchristian

    “If Islam were really a blood-soaked religion and most Muslims really backed al-Qaeda, wouldn’t they have taken us out already?”

    Have no doubt, at the point at which they acquire weapons of mass destruction, they will take us out.

    The United States may have a smaller population than the Muslim world, but it is still the world’s greatest military superpower. The only reason they have not “taken us out” is because they currently do not have the means to do so. It is for this reason that we must do everything we can to prevent the Muslim world from acquiring additional weapons technologies. We must eradicate Islam before it destroys the West and all that we hold dear.

    “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.” (Surah 5:51)

    “Seek out your enemies relentlessly.” (Surah 4:103-)

    “Fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures were given [Jews and Christians]…until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued.” (Surah 9:27-)

    • ReplytoConcernedChristian

      On Topic: More Muslims have been affected by Al-Qaeda and these rouge groups than any other nation in the world. These ignorant buffoons are mindless puppets who are following orders of dictator who has made false promises and using religion to justify violence. Islam in no way shape or form condones violence to any one Muslim or Non-Muslim. It however reserves the right to protect oneself when attacked on, castle doctrine anyone? Anyone who blows himself is considered a suicide and nothing more. Suicide is not condoned in Islam and never will be.

      To reply this ignorant “concernedchristian”

      Would judge a book by its cover alone?
      Would judge a sentence from a word alone?
      Why is it that when US constitution is talked about all talk about the “intent” of the founding fathers and nothing is done for Scriptural texts?
      Did you read the pre/post versus?
      Did you read anything about the time it was revealed?
      Did you read the circumstances this verse was revealed?
      Did you read the history of Muslims at all? I know nothing matters to you, but before pointing fingers please do your research. Clearly you have not read what you are trying to post.

      Lets look at the quotes anyway….

      5:51- Here you are going by face value and not reading in to the verses. I can’t blame you its very hard to do for anyone who does not know Arabic. English as finite language as it is, has little words in which Arabic can be translated. The word translated as friendship is al-wilayah. In short, it’s meaning is a sort of proximity, which removes barriers and partitions between two things. There is great detail that can be read in Tafseer(Commentary) of Qura’an if you get a chance, you can read it here

      Anyway, the word friendship in the context of linguistic terms used here is used for a friendship of love and affection. A friendship of covenant or help is never rejected but is appreciated. If you read the verses right after it states if you Love a group surely you become one of them yourself.
      Quote from commentary:
      The reason that turns a love of a group into a member of it, is this: Love unites scattered things, unites different souls; because of love perceptions of the lovers become one, their characters mirror one another; their actions reflect each other’s. The two lovers, when love overwhelms them, become as if they are one person, having a single psyche, a single will, doing a single action; one does not go against the other in the passage of life and in social norms.

      In that context of the meaning the verse is warning Muslims to do so, we believe in books given to all Messengers mentioned in Bible and even Jesus himself, but we do not agree with the Christian understanding of them.There is more detailed discussion needed for this point. I know I did not do justice but to keep the answer short I will respond to anyone who wishes to discuss this further.

      4:103 : I think you meant to point out 104 but then again I doubt you read the Qura’an yourself, but lets give you benefit of the doubt that you did not understand it.

      Translation by Shakir.
      [4:104] And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain, and you hope from Allah what they do not hope; and Allah is Knowing, Wise.

      And what is the problem with this verse? It merely says if someone cause pain on you, don’t be weak hearted in pursuit of justice against the enemy. Can this include a Muslim? Sure it can. A true Muslim would never do such a thing as causing pain. If any Muslim does he is liable for it.

      I am surprised on how you blatantly mention few words out of a whole verse about just war and have not looked in to anything about the mercy and rules/restrictions of war on a Muslim.

      Translated by Shakir
      [5:45] And We prescribed to them in it that life is for life, and eye for eye, and nose for nose, and ear for ear, and tooth for tooth, and (that there is) reprisal in wounds; but he who foregoes it, it shall be an expiation for him; and whoever did not judge by what Allah revealed, those are they that are the unjust.

      Lets see what the bible scriptures says about this.
      “Wherever hurt is done, you shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, bruise for bruise, wound for wound.”

      (Exodus 21: 23 to 25)
      Also in Exodus 22: 1- 24, Leviticus 24:13-23

      And surprise, surprise look what bible says in
      Numbers 31, isn’t this seeking out your enemies relentlessly?

      Keep in mind in case you do not know Muslims believe in all the Prophets/Messengers mentioned in the Old and New Testament as our own Prophets/Messengers. We also believe in the books brought by these Messengers and we are in line with all their teachings. If you want to argue that point then I can bring you all the references of practices done by Muslims from the Bible(Old/New Testament) itself which both jews and Christians fail to do. If there is any Muslim out there that does not believe this, him being a Muslim is highly questionable. Why we read Qura’an more than Injeel of Christians or Torah of Jews? Is a separate debate. If you want we can debate that on a separate forum.

    • Anon

      I think China has the U.S. beat military-wise these days. If they don’t yet…give it time.

      And as a Christian I prefer not to bank on fears and doubts. Hopes and loves are better.

    • dfwmike


      Have you ever read the old testament? There is quite a bit of nonsense in there about stoning people, virgin marriages, advocating hate. If taken out of context, the Bible portrays God as a blood thirsty megalomaniac bent on destroying humanity.

  13. Elmas

    Islam is a political/religious ideology. Its core tenets sanction and encourage conquest, murder, or enslavement of infidels, dhimmis, and kaffirs. Sharia law is its political element. The political element aims to establish Islam as the only “true” faith, allowing no others. It does not allow “tolerance” or “interfaith dialogue.”

    Prominent spokesmen for Islam (the so-called “non-violent” kind) practice taqiya, or lying to beguile non-Muslims into thinking that Islam is “pacific”; this is sanctioned by the Koran to advance Islam by stealth or fraud. Islam cannot be “reformed” into a non-belligerent creed without gutting the Koran and associated tracts of their violent imperatives. If those are removed, what’s left would be a “pacific” creed skin to the Quaker or Amish.

    If “pacific,” non-violent Muslims are the majority, why do they not volubly condemn their “violent” brethren? Because they choose not to, or because they fear the consequences.

    • Muslims constantly condemn the acts of terrorists. Fox news and the mainstream corporate sponsored press doesn’t want to let those voices be heard. Why? Because the US always has to have an enemy to keep the war machine going. Muslims are the new enemy. The US is a hate mongering racist country.

      • Rodion

        If so, why the media of most Muslim countries is full of justification and all-out support of terror? Of course, they condemn “american terror”.
        If I’m wrong – please bring evidence.
        US is full of hate, and Sharia law, incorporated in Islamic countries, is so generous that allows to Christians and Jews, under certain conditions, to exists as dhimmis.

      • ProIndividual

        Okay let me get this straight Rodion…

        You said:

        “US is full of hate, and Sharia law, incorporated in Islamic countries, is so generous that allows to Christians and Jews, under certain conditions, to exists as dhimmis.”

        First of all, you can’t say the US is “full” of hate (devoid of love is the inference), when that is a generalization (stereotype) unto itself. If you don’t think it’s untrue and offensive, then try replacing the word US with any nation you like that has Shariah Law, or with the word Islam itself. Pretty lame and offensive isn’t it?

        Now you also asserted that somehow it’s generous to ALLOW other religions, and worse you go on to say “under certain conditions”, to EXIST. Okay, it’s never generous to allow something to exist. It’s tyranny not to allow their existence. You think it’s okay to advocate government condoning what you like, and not what anyone else likes. Nevermind the fact that where you are born geographically has more to with what religion you identify with, than any choice you made as an adult. And you wish to take that choice away from everyone, for all time. Well, it’s nice to know you have the wisdom and foresight to put people in chains or cages, or worse, for what you “know” is SO “right”. First time one of us dies, and comes back to life to describe the experience and says you’re correct and I’m not, I’ll start agreeing with that definition of “generous”. When one amputee grows back a limb (a real miracle) I’ll subscribe to this generosity you propose. I’ve seen no such thing, and generous means no such thing.

        Using government to do what you like, as opposed to just preventing violence and coercion, is called STATISM. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc., if you want a government that parents adults, that’s what you want. And you are entitled to that opinion. But just to let you know, it’s been tried a bunch of times in history, miserable failure every time. Reason is, control is harder (and more expensive) than you would expect. Unless you use fear and Dark Ages torture, good luck with enforcement. If you do advocate that stuff, well you need more help than I can give you.

        My whole point is this: the US government does things abroad and at home, it’s people don’t agree with. They still get caught every once in a while doing experiments without consent on us here at home! So I’m sorry that our government is bad, and it is. All government is. YOUR government isn’t any better…in fact I’m pretty sure it’s worse. But it’s YOURS. And my government needs to get it through it’s head that YOU have the right to do whatever you want in YOUR sovereign nation. If you want Shariah Law, or have it, and like it, go for it. But forcing it on others, that’s as bad as our US government forcing “democracy” down people’s throats all over the world. The problem is the coercion to uniformity, of course by force. Not the government providing the coercion and force, and violence. That is irrelevant. Rules don’t apply to one they apply to all (and I admit our government breaks the rules in the US). I don’t want to change your sovereign nation, don’t try to change mine. Now, we just need to get the US government to listen to us…and by the way, a few jihadists.

        I hope you understand, I do not condone your preferred government, and you do not prefer mine, but that is what sovereignty means. And if no one is sovereign, then might makes right, and violence wins the day. No one wants that…except the US government who has way more bombs, planes, guns, tanks, and military spending (not to mention spies) of any nations in the world by at least a factor of 2.

        I want Muslim people around the world to know this of the US government…they are, like any government, not a tool of the people. They do what they want, when they want, without the people’s consent. The kids in the military are recruited at 17 out of high schools. They are offered money to join, and a chance to escape poverty in most cases. Our military is mostly poverty level young men, who had a choice before them in life…prison or the military. Knowing full well the economic realities, they chose the military, in hopes of cashing in on the money and free college education you get when you join. I say these things because I think Muslims around the world must not realize how the people feel about war in the US, and how we feel about our government. Especially if you judge your opinions on what you hear on American mainstream media. The media works for the government and vice versa. One funds the other, it’s all a big cycle of money. So please, don’t think the US is full of hate mongers. I want to leave people alone, I want you to have Shariah Law or whatever it is that your nation wants…just leave me out of it. And I’ll gladly do the same for you. It’s the governments of the world, the US in one, we need to convince.

        And one last thing…if you were advocating forcing nations to conform to any system of Law, I’d be opposed to that. Again that sets a scenario where the US government destroys all competitors in a big world war, and then becomes the richest nation on Earth because it has no competitors…like they did during World War II (notice how late they joined the war, letting their would be allies’ industrial bases to be destroyed). That would be no good at all. So let’s stay away from forcing ways of life down each others’ throats.

      • Rodion

        Sorry if I didn’t express my irony well 🙂 Anyway your answer is great, even though I do not agree with some of your points.

  14. whateber

    Not a lot of North Koreans are in al-Qāʿidah either, but I still think most of them hate you guys. Polls show that most Muslims have an unfavorable view of the US and its population.

  15. S

    Poor logic… they are not a unity – they fight eachother too.

  16. fuckmuhammed

    it takes time, but their aim is that

  17. I don’t think that is really the argument to make. (re: the original post). non-Muslim military strength really is a non-trivial factor.

    But I think what you can say is that if the brutal terrorists really were representative of Islam then Islamic civilization would have been unsustainable and would have died out a long time ago instead of being the foundation for things like the Taj Mahal or the poetry of Rumi and Hafeez.

    Also, check this out Some Muslims are going to be highly critical of US policy but part of that is because the US hasn’t always acted well towards Muslims.

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  19. ex-Muslim

    Not even Muslim American groups like CAIR claim there are 18 million in the US. They prefer the smaller and still ridiculous number of 6-8 million. So where did you come up with *that?*

    • I am not the one who made this graph; I found it at two other sites and liked it, so I posted it.

      Wikipedia says, “There is no accurate count of the number of Muslims in the United States, as the U.S. Census Bureau does not collect data on religious identification. There is an ongoing debate as to the true size of the Muslim population in the US. Various institutions and organizations have given widely varying estimates about how many Muslims live in the U.S. These estimates have been controversial, with a number of researchers being explicitly critical of the survey methodologies that have led to the higher estimates.”

  20. JS

    I’m more frightened of some of these commenters than I am of Muslims.

    “We must eradicate Islam before it destroys the West and all that we hold dear.”

    Really? You know what I hold dear? Civility. Humanity. Not letting crackpots like you anywhere near sharp objects. Christians fighting a religious war are still fighting a religious war, and are in for a rude awakening in the afterlife.

  21. nice diagram,giving me a lot of insights.but as always,islam is just a religion.no need to worry about it.

  22. john

    do complete math:

    5 alqaueda = 3000 american deaths.
    1 alqaeda = 600 american deaths.
    10,000 alqaeda = 6,000,000 death.

    …only 2% …not bad….better let them do as they please.

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  25. Doron Meir

    So you say that because there are more Muslims, they are stronger? Why, by that logic the ants should have taken over the world by now. By far most Muslims live in poor countries and have poor education and backward technology; a single squad of US airplanes can wipe out most of these countries within days, without loosing a single solider.

  26. sidney

    there should be another Venn Diagram created. one that shows how americans have muslims killed and how many muslims have americans killed. I think there is where we will see the biggest difference. I don’t blame the muslims for hating us. we helped the israelis steal their land, we support oppressive dictators in saudi arabia, egypt, Pakistan (zia ul haq), iran (shah of iran) iraq (yes, we put sadam in power), Indonesia (sujarto). hell I’m surprised, there isn’t more us being killed. the PLO, hamas, hezbollah, none of them have ever targeted the U.S. Hezbollah did in the 80s but after we left, they never bothered us again. lesson of the day: stay out of other people’s business and countries and stop supporting their suffering and we won’t have problems

    • Rodion

      Islamists don’t care what you do. They hate you for what you are.

      • Mope

        One does not need to be a Muslim to hate a bigotry. In fact, many people intensely dislike specific people who make broad generalizations about a group of people numbering over a billion people.

      • Rodion

        Mope: You think that western bigotry is so bad, that it justifies killing thousands of civilians, most of them – fellow Muslims, who somehow not insulted enough?

    • Tim

      How can you steal something that belongs to you? I guess God helped them rob the Canaanites of their land after the Exodus, too. Then the Cyrus of Persia helped them regain it after the Babylonian exile. Then the Maccabeans reclaimed it from the Greeks, . . . How many times do the Israelis have to reclaim this land before the world accepts it as their own?
      Somebody needs to do a Venn of the Arabs vs the Israelis and I think it will be obvious why we have to help them. Doesn’t 6 million dead during the holocaust warrant some kind of “homeland” where they can at least defend themselves?
      America has always had a way of rushing to the aid of the underdog. So helping the underdog Jews survive against the vitriol of the vastly outnumbering Muslims is (ironically) the Christian thing to do.

  27. Redneck

    There are too fucking many of you.
    You should be exterminated

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  31. Mohamed Rassam

    I am a muslim, I do not want to kill American Civilians, Why are you directing hateful comments at Islam?…Al-qaeda is killing your people…hate al-qaeda….not islam….And i would like to see you try to put mecca to glass….lets see you just try….no one is going to stop you, from there on the fight is not between Islam and you or Al-qaeda and you, or any human and you for that matter….(I have a lot of faith that just makes me take a deep breath and smile…and think “Bring it on!!”)

  32. wooosh

    My guess: Just because Muslims aren’t animals or ants.
    Your question is just suggesting that “hating” someone leads to kill him, and that Muslims would do that , when WASP would’nt.

    Seems that wasp people still haven’t understand.

  33. Varun

    Please take some time to go through this website: http://www.patcondell.net/ and particularly the hate comments and threats by Muslims. This kind of stuff doesn’t make it easy for us to believe that the non-dot part of the Venn diagram is very much pacifist, or that it entirely condemns the dot part.

    I’ve seen a lot of this sort of nonsense on many online fora, and I’ve seen fanatic graffiti hinting at Islamic extremism here in Canada, in a lecture hall of my university. Now tell me, on what basis must we feel safe from Muslims in general?

    • Mohamed Rassam

      Those comments were made because of something that was directed at them….What was directed at them was due to something else done by muslims….What was done by muslims was due to something aimed at them in the first place….When are we going to stop this nonsense….Please stop….I am prepared to do what i have to…will you?

      • Varun

        By all means, we’re all prepared to be peaceful. But the problem with the kind of people who commented on Pat Condell’s website is that their reaction to a verbal or written offence is a threat of violence. In the modern world where every civilized community respects freedom of expression, freedom to offend somebody verbally is automatically included in the package. Any community that cannot allow this freedom, and which reacts to it with physical violence, is not fit in this world.

  34. JDW

    I didn’t see this comment in a quick scan, but I believe you need to move the Al Qaeda dot over to be joined with the union between the US and Muslim populations. This would account for the embedded “sleeper cells”. You don’t have to come up with an estimate, but it needs to be included because it is in all likelihood nonzero.

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  36. shekhar

    great post !!! keep sharing… 🙂

  37. zved

    Al-Qaeda is a grouping term, say, for a database.

    Who is on, or off the database can always change, will, always change.

    But aslong as u have fear of what appears to be a constant, then you are being manipulated.

  38. June Watkins

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have tried for years to teach this to my university religious studies students, but the diagram will be so helpful. I am thrilled to have it as a visual aid.

  39. yazz

    I am a muslim in the uk. I am white anglo saxon ethnicity. I do not wish harm on any one. I don’t shout and rage against our soliders. I think the ground zero center is a little insensitive. Perhaps a multi faith center would have been better thought out.where people can learn about all faiths and enjoy each others customs etc. I wish for the words islam and muslim to become the prime words of peace. And those who torment our world and lives for what they are intollerant fundamental wahabi and deobandi terrorists.
    May gods peace be with you all.

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  41. vince

    I think we should all grow up.
    Religion out of politics and daily life so we’re all the same. People should keep religion as a private matter.
    I think there’s enough work to be done without holding on to old stories.
    Any god would be ashamed to see what we are doing…
    Stop the endless discussion about fairytales for grown-ups please, there are some things we just don’t know.. maybe later 😉


  42. after doing the calculations myself I found that the your little Al Qaeda dot was too large by much more than a factor of ten…

    if you use all 10,000 members of Al Qaeda as the unit of measure, have that unit of measure be one pixel, then make the other circles accordingly, the circle representing all Muslims in the world would have a circumference of 157,000 pixels — not the 350 pixels shown in the your diagram

    even if you increased the size of the 350-pixel circle to 3,500 and kept the Al Qaeda dot the same size, you’re still off by a factor of 45

    so basically — keep the Al Qaeda dot the same size, and increase the size of your circles by a factor of 450!!

    which I guess for all the tea party people means that Muslims are 45 times less scary than in your diagram… which is nice

    definitely a great idea though!

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  45. This is a bit misleading. The Al Queda dot should be included in a sub-circle called “Wahhabi”. Wahhabism is the most violent subsect of Islam, and while they make up only about 5% of Muslims worldwide (a conservative estimate, by all accounts), that still comes out to about 75,000,000 ultra-violent radicals who really do want to either kill, convert, or subjugate all non-Muslims.

    In addition, that Wahhabi circle, including the Al Queda dot should be moved over so that both overlap slightly with the American Population circle, because there are Wahhabi mosques in the U.S. and some of those mosque’s constituents are members of Al Queda.

    I despise ultra-conservative propaganda, but I also can’t stand liberal bullshit like this, either.

  46. yazzy b

    Ok let’s get this straight. Wahabism is a strict form of islam. Bin ladin was born a wahabi but later studied a far more harsher and intollerant form is islam qutbism. The founder of thjat style an egyptian was later excecuted for his beliefs. The taliban are students of a form of islam born out of india wich is called deobandi islam witch again takes its roots from the stricter wahabism but far mor intollerant of the west. Look them all up on google.

    • Don Zukki

      There is only one islam and it is found in quran and hadith. All of the tolerant verses of the early surahs were eliminated by Mo in the 9th surah where after he gained firm strong control of an area he decided to kill all of the remaining christains and jews by chopping off their hands and feet and hanging them on crosses. That’s it. That’s all there is. The 9th surah is the main part of the religion of submission. You can also read hadith Sahih Moslem and Al Bokhari

  47. Don Zukki

    They have killed us off when they stole all of Egypt, Libya, Arabia, Morocco, Jezair, Iran, Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan. Luristan, Anatolia, Tunisia, Laz, Cappadoccia, East Bengal, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, France, and more. The rules of sharia law allow moslems to acquire property by executing christians and jews for any small reason…such as riding a horse with a saddle which might be considered being uppity to a moslem who cannot afford a saddle. In sharia law, jews and christians are not allowed to know why they are arrested and they are not allowed to be present at their trials. After they are convicted they are brought into the courtroom and asked if they want to convert to islam. The christian doesn’t know that hislife is in his hands at that moment. If he refuses then he is executed and the moslem who reported him receives the horse, saddle, property and women of the dead christan or jew. All of the moslem lands were stolen in this way

  48. Don Zukki

    They have killed us off when they stole all of Anatolia. In islamic law, you are encouraged to make the other religions think you are peaceful. Then bit by bit you kill of the men of the other religion and take their proerty and women. Look at Turkey today. Thos people are hairy and look like Greeks and Armenians because they killed the greek and armenina men and fucked their women in pleasure marriages and forced the widows to raise their children as moslems. Look at the moslem countries today. Nobody wants to live there. You’ve sucked the land clean of harbis and dhimmi…there’s no one who knows how to make things that go in moslem countries. But how can I say that the mfing passive rest of the world is not just as bad for allowing you thieves from taking over. Stop the lie about tolerance and goodness in Islam….tell the truth…talk about how Mo beheaded 611 jews in Medina and took a widow as his concubine. Tell how of allt he places in Israel to pray that Omar the Humar had to pray on the holiest ground of the jews….tell why the islamic invaders how to destroy the most important temples of the hindus and build moslques on those spots. Tell the truth for once

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  53. muslim

    alqaida are less than 10000 persons @ i m a muslims i hate alqaida cus its a fuck group who give usa the reason to kill inocent muslims @ we must all be together to fight alqaida @ but 1st @ but what is the different between usa and alqaida @ i know alqaida kill inocent people @ but usa kill almost 8000000 inocent people too @ so is better that we have a law who can take all alqaida to jail and all usa to jail @ i dont mean usa people i love them and respect them but i talk about leaders of usa who never stop kill inocent people just for get pitrol

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