Everyone’s Stealing My Thunder

This whole “Ground Zero Mosque” debate is all over the internet and everyone is doing my job for me, blog-wise. There’s so little left to say about the whole pack of nonsense, but let me at least clear up how this man’s name is supposed to be pronounced.

“Rauf” is just the last half of his last name. “Abdul Rauf” is one unit. This is why I favor the hyphenated version of spelling these kinds of names, thusly: Abdul-Rauf or Abd-al-Rauf. On top of everything else, “Rauf” is no more supposed to be pronounced ROWF than Saud is supposed to be pronounced SOD.

It’s Ru’uf, pronounced roo-(glottal stop)-oof.

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One response to “Everyone’s Stealing My Thunder

  1. Sam Elowitch

    It’s not rah-OOF? I always figured there was a fathah over the letter rah, hence:

    ayin-beit-daal alif-lam-rah-alif-waw-faa

    Forgive my amateur Arabic!

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