Ramadan Kareem

Happy Ramadan! For Ramadan I’d like to rerun this video of a Kareem Salama song, A Land Called Paradise. It’s a real sweet video of real, live Muslims with simple messages to their fellow countrymen (us). Sorry that it’s country music, but it’s not too twangy.



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2 responses to “Ramadan Kareem

  1. This holy month of Ramadan can be very good for cleansing our whole physical inner syestem but alas for majority of Muslims it becomes a night shift to indulge in gluttony. three to four times more calories are consumed by most Muslims during this month than other eleven months. I think this is when the Muslims forget about the Sunna of the Prophet and his companions who consumed the least possible food during this period of fasting.

  2. Ali

    This is a great video. I came to your blog doing a google search on animals in the middle east and one of your pictures of a caracal showed up.I tossed up whether or not to post a comment saying how much i liked the video but i want my kids to value people and appreciate what we have in common rather than focusing on differences.I hope you don’t mind me commenting.

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