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“Arab Shooting Gallery”

I recommend these posts about the portrayal of Arabs in video games.

Representing Arabs in Video Games over at Sociological Images and Digital Arabs: Representation in Video Games at Digital Islam.

from the Sociological Images post:

Majd A.-S. sent in a link to a review at The Brainy Gamer of the Wii videogame Heavy Fire: Special Operations, which was released last week. Michael Abbott, the reviewer, starts by saying that he doesn’t find First-Person Shooter (FPS) games inherently problematic, but that after playing the game he found this one disturbing. He suggests it should be renamed “Arab Shooting Gallery.”

Notice that the game specifically points out that it has a “destructible environment”; not only can you kill enemies, you can make sure you leave the surrounding city as demolished as possible. Woo hoo! Fun!

At Sociological Images I also found this post about really awful anti-Arab, anti-Muslims, and anti-Hispanic signs in Pennsylvania. I’m tempted to believe this was somebody playing with an online sign generator.

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