“Because Muslims Hate Dogs”

Story found at Talking Points Memo. A bunch of moron islamophobes out in California are determined to stop a mosque from being built in Riverside County.

It seems the anti-mosque protesters in California have torn a few pages from the Abu Ghraib field manual. Protesters of a planned mosque and Muslim community center in Riverside County, California are calling on locals to come to a rally outside an existing mosque with their pet dogs because, as the protest organizer says, Muslims “hate dogs.”

“We will not be submissive,” the notice proclaimed. “Our voices are going to be heard!” The alert went on to question what its authors described as Islamic beliefs. It suggested that participants sing during the rally because Muslim “women are forbidden to sing.” It suggested that rally participants bring dogs because Muslims “hate dogs.”

Brilliant scholarship, guys. Here are some photos, found on the internet in a few seconds, of Muslims and dogs:

Are you feeling the hate?

And to go with that, here are Muslim women singing:

Pesky facts.

UPDATE: I looked more closely and realized at least three of those pictures are of the same man. And another two are of the same man, who might or might not be the same as the first three. I will go hunting for more pictures of different Muslims who don’t hate dogs if I must.

But let’s see what I can do right quick:

From Humane Society International:

Almost no one in Qatar wants a saluki because they are so common there. People there prefer “exotic” breeds like German shepherds.

This from an Omani blog, Muscat Confidential:

The ruling, published in mid-January, had escaped my notice – probably because I don’t have a dog. But it would seem to put an end to evening strolls with your dog. Early morning horseback-rides (or camel rides?) on the beach must now be considered to be illegal too.

Now, there was a couple of real problems that arguably did need addressing – selfish and inconsiderate dog owners who would let their animals run around off the leash on public beaches (especially problematic at Intercon beach), and dog owners who leave their dog shit all over the place instead of picking it up.


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15 responses to ““Because Muslims Hate Dogs”

  1. The truth is the word hate is too strong. And the term Muslim suggests that Muslims are a single monolithic group, thinking and acting as solid block. For hygenic reasons Islam does not allow dogs as pets but they can be owned as gaurd dogs or sheep dogs. It is dog’s saliva which is considered unclean but not dry skin. Now some Muslims hate everybody, like some Hindus and Christians hate everybody who does not agree with their particaular religion. Muslims have more than their fair share of hate mongers. So many hate Shia, Sufi, Ahmedia Muslims and consider them worse then infidels. Violent attacks, bombings and shootings of these Muslims are not uncommon. But majority of Muslims live in harmony with others who do not share their particular slant of undersatanding. So statements like Muslims hate dogs, or Muslims do not allow women to sing are very misleading. The Christian fundamentalist Right has more in common with Wahabi Muslim Right than with other Christians. They suffer from an exclusive thinking i.e., if we are right than everybody has to be wrong. But God has so much truth and grace that when He gives some to my grooup He does not take it away from other groups. Lets us live and let live.

  2. It does not matter what I think or not but the Muslim Ummah should ponder thoughtfully and prayerfully if a Mosque or Muslim Community Centre should be built near the site of Twin Towers. Regrdless of ideology of those Muslims, mostly Saudis, the fact is that many Americans think Muslims did it. They don’t want to remeber that many Muslims, Jews and Hindus and those of no faith also died in those attacks on Twin Towers. But if building a Muslim Centre with or without a Mosque hurts the sentiments of a large group of Americans or it gives fuel to some Islamophobic elements than the venue should be changed. Now the people attached to this project are moderate Muslims but if a radical Wahabi group gets hold of this Centre, say in ten years and starts to spit out hateful propaganda against non Muslims it will invite not only criticism but may be violent attacks. If Wahabi establishment in Saudi Arabia will allow even a very small place of worship to Christians or any other non Muslim group, or say an Imam Bargah for the Shias, and there are good pockets of Saudi Shias in that Kingdom, then it will be good for the Saudis to keep getting Mosques built in non Muslim soceities around the world. They have to have it both ways, give and take is a good principle.

  3. I’m muslim & love dog so much. visit my blog to view picture muslim & dog there. I want to share the picture from your side to my blog. TQ

  4. Thank you, Kittun. I’m going to post some pictures from your blog. 🙂

  5. Muslim taxi drivers have refused blind passengers with guide dogs, claiming that their religion regards dogs as filthy. This may have been where they heard about this from.

    • It’s funny, when you do a Google search on the issue, you find that in fact half of taxi drivers in Washington DC refuse to pick up blind drivers with service dogs.

      The Equal Rights Center, in a report released Wednesday morning, said that it conducted 30 tests this year and that in half of them, drivers passed someone with a guide dog to pick up a person who did not have a guide dog. In three of the cases in which the taxi stopped for the blind person, the driver attempted to impose a surcharge for transporting the dog, the Equal Rights Center said.

      There is no mention of religion in the article, and I am quite confident that many of the taxi drivers who refused to take dogs are not Muslims.

      Here’s a story about one, single taxi driver in Sydney who refused a guide dog. The story also does not mention religion, yet reactionaries all over the internet are linking to it as if it proves that all Muslims are despicable.

      Here’s a very nice analysis of a similar story about dogs on buses, and the biased reporting thereof.

      Here’s an evenhanded story about guide dogs being discriminated against by a variety of people, mostly non-Muslims.

      • If you’re doing hyperlinks, they aren’t appearing for me (I’m not currently doing hyperlinks)

        Did you try Wikipedia’s article on Guide dog mentioning problems with Muslim taxi drivers and shop-keepers in Britain, to the point that a sharia council had to say that it’s ok not to discriminate against blind people with guide dogs?

        Also, did you come across any mention of the Minneapolis-St Paul airport issues? In that case, it’s even been alleged that the Muslim Brotherhood (via a group called the Muslim American Society) is behind it.

  6. Andrea

    I have been blind since birth and have a guide dog. I live in the UK and am constantly being refused taxi rides by Asian drivers claiming that their religion doesn’t permit them contact with dogs – I have had the same problem in certain shops and some restaurants – this is obsurd!

    The British Muslim Association allowed a Muslim man to take his guide dog into a mosque, obviously indicating that Guide dogs are ok but this doesn’t seem to have gotten through to the general public, and my guide dog, who is a black labrador is constantly being screamed at in public places – it definately seems to be a religious issue, but also a cultural one as many Indian females scream aswell.
    I really feel this issue needs to be addressed as there are many: blind, deaf, wheelchiar-bound, epileptic etc Asians who could benefit greatly from having a guide dog but are prohibited due to the continuing stigma, which in my view, when we’re talking about Westernised countries in the 21st century is soooo unfair!!

  7. Stephen Marsh

    I’m black and live in East London, England and there is a high percentage of muslims living here. I have a well trained, small dog, which is always on it’s lead, and the typical reaction from many muslims, particularly ones wearing traditional attire, is to run away, scream, press themselves against a wall and even cry. I’ve even had one guy jump onto the roof of a car to avoid me and my dog. He weighs 7 kg and is tiny. The reaction is totally disproportionate to the ‘perceived’ danger, and it makes me very uncomfortable – normally I will avoid them or cross over the road, but I can’t always, and to be honest, why should I? There are 8 million dogs in the K, and we are a nation of dog and animal lovers. It’s a shame because a poplar stereotype of muslims is that they are ‘backward’ and the reactions I see do nothing to dispel what should be a myth.

    • K

      Don’t care about them! Who cares if they jump on the tops of cars, run into walls , cry and wet themselves!?!?!? The UK IS AN ANIMAL LOVING place. They are just going to have to deal with it……or go back to where they came from!

  8. val

    where does their fear stem from?

  9. nida

    I’m a Muslim and my mom & dad r tired of me and animals. Sometimes stray kittens come to my house in the USA and I saw one two times and another three times but I actually want a Doberman 🙂 or saluki, I like almost all dogs though. the kittens ill just go up to and pet them. I don’t get how Muslim people r scared of dogs unless there guard dogs. in Pakistan, I had a kitten and my uncle kicked her out of the house. there was also a stray dog that looked like a Samoyed and was covered in trash (in Pakistan, again) and I ended up petting it ,and then I asked my mom if I could keep it and she obviously would say no because she was scared of dogs and it was like two feet tall. ( and white)

  10. K

    Pictures speak a thousand words. These are not pictures of loved dogs that are treated like family. They are posed pictures. Sick people , sick beliefs, sick culture! Trying to make it look like the dogs are actually”cared for.” Sick culture, sick people, sick beliefs!

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