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Loonwatch Continues to Rock

Loonwatch continues to be the blog I’d like to be. Here are a couple of recent posts over there:

Muslim Store Owner Harassed Due to Ignorance

“They’ve threatened to kill me; sometimes they’re cursing when they call,” a resigned Master said Thursday in his shop.

Trouble is, all the indignation is the product of a massive misunderstanding, illustrating the awesome — and sometimes damaging – power of the Internet.

Master, who describes himself as a proud American citizen, isn’t a terrorist sympathizer. He’s just a shopkeeper who inadvertently touched a very raw nerve.

It started when the Muslim merchant posted a sign at his shop during Ramadan explaining the store would be closed Sept. 11 to remember the death of Imam Ali, a sacred Muslim figure. Master failed, however, to explain that Ali, who is remembered on a different date each year during Ramadan, died in 661 A.D. and was in no way related to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Death threats? Impossible, right? Only angry Muslims ever make death threats. Why, everybody on the internet knows that.

Germany’s Anonymous Mosque Watchers

“Do you see that the letter ‘I’ in DITIB resembles a minaret? And that the minarets look like missiles?” he asks, beseechingly. It isn’t always easy for Werner to make himself understood.

Psst! Just because you’re misunderstood doesn’t mean you’re a genius.

And I recommend this BlogHer post on the mosque near the site of the former World Trade Center, or as you might have heard it called: The Ground Zero Mosque!! ZOMG!!

But what most people don’t know is that the so-called “Mega Mosque” is actually a community center that New Yorkers hope to build, appropriately called “Park 51” for its location.

According to the Park 51 website, the facility “will be dedicated to pluralism, service, arts and culture, education and empowerment, appreciation for our city and respect for our planet. Park51 will join New York to the world, offering a welcoming community center with multiple points of entry.”

According to an outside consultant working directly with Park 51, who agreed to speak about the project on the condition of anonymity, if built, Park 51 (a non-profit facility) would cover 150,000 square feet and stand approximately 13 to 15 stories high. The space would be divided into a prayer space for Muslims and include meeting spaces, meditation rooms, a memorial dedicated to 9/11, a spa, basketball court, swimming pool, auditorium, and classrooms offering everything from digital photography to language classes, all open to the public. The entire facility would also be green and include a garden.

The other day I had a conversation with an elderly relative who was mocking the “al-Qaeda” mosque where they want to celebrate and dance on people’s graves…so on my way home I decided to research the whole thing and do a reasoned blog post about it. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find cold hard facts yet. Lots of Islamophobes are screaming about it, and its backers are giving explanations, but I would really some just plain facts. I’ll keep on it.

Also from the BlogHer post:

“It’s become comedic to me,” said Oz Sultan, PR liaison and programming project manager for Park 51, regarding comments made by Pamela Gellar. “None of these groups have talked to us, and we’ve been open to let them know we’ll talk to them. We were part of the community that was affected –- Muslim people in the community lost family members [on 9/11], too.”

And from this CNN article, a truly moronic quote from a true moron:

“We feel it would be more appropriate maybe to build a center dedicated to expunging the Quranic texts of the violent ideology that inspired jihad, or perhaps a center to the victims of hundreds of millions of years of jihadi wars, land enslavements, cultural annihilations and mass slaughter,” Geller said.

Hundreds of millions of years of jihadi wars? Also, what’s a land enslavement?

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