Another Photoshop, Arabic, Crap Joke

From Friends of Irony, one of the many spinoffs of I Can Haz Cheeseburger, a bad joke by someone wholly ignorant of Arabic.

I don’t find it particularly offensive; I can see the grain of actual humor behind it. It falls apart because 1) the Arabic is obviously randomly selected from a headline somewhere and 2) England is about 3% Muslim, many of whom don’t read Arabic, and apparently the creator of this “joke” thought it was Urdu, anyway.

The comments on this posting over at Friends of Irony is full of accusations of racism, of not having a sense of humor, of not understanding racism, etc. A good thread to stay out of.

Incidentally, from Wikipedia:

As of 2001, 92.1% of the population identified themselves as White, leaving 7.9%[135] of the UK population identifying themselves as mixed race or ethnic minority.

I guess the joke could have been funnier if the numbers were anywhere near realistic. Incidentally, you know some countries where the native-born are really outnumbered by immigrants? Yeah, they’re in the Arabian Peninsula.

From Wikipedia:

In 2009, the UAE’s population was estimated at 6 million,[3] of which just under 20% were UAE nationals or Emiratis,[81] while the majority of the population were expatriates.[82] The country’s net migration rate stands at 22.98, the world’s highest.[83]

In 2008, Bahrain’s population stood at 1.05 million, out of which more than 517,000 were non-nationals.[79] Though majority of the population is ethnically Arab, a sizable number of people from South Asia live in the country. In 2008, approximately 290,000 Indian nationals lived in Bahrain, making them the single largest expatriate community in the country.

The Ministry of Economy estimates that in mid 2006 the total population was 2.577 million. Of those, 1.844 million were Omanis. The population has grown from 2.018 million in the 1993 census to 2.340 million in the 2003 census…Some 600,000 expatriates live in Oman, most of whom are guest workers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, India and the Philippines.

And so on. I will keep my eyes peeled for Arabian Peninsula “humor” about being overrun by scary foreigners.


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4 responses to “Another Photoshop, Arabic, Crap Joke

  1. Good one? Keep on posting new ones. . . . . . .

  2. Anonymous

    that’s a good joke, there are lots of muslams in england now, but fuck their laws if sum lass is walking down the street in her burka, where the fuck is her man if she is in public? your strange laws make no sense and have no validity in this country. learn english, if you do, good, teach it to the fucker next to you please.

  3. Tariq Sataak

    While I thought the “Foundation of World Security” as a response to that survey was funny, it does seem to be the way some British and Europeans feel. Sure, in many Arab countries, Arabs have become the minority. But the laws of those countries are as if they are still the majority. Sexual immorality (specifically homosexuality) is still punished more or less harshly, alcohol is hard to obtain and other religions are sometimes suppressed. In Western countries, where Muslims are immigrants, they have rights those foreigners in Arab countries would never think of demanding. German courts have given rulings based on Sharia law. People censor themselves to not offend Muslims, but Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi says the most horrible things about Christians, Jews and other people in Britain and few people bat an eyelash. Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali do, but they are branded as traitors and bigots. A woman in Britain was recently kicked half to death by Somali immigrants who said they had never been drunk before and were not used to it, and these immigrants got off free. So is the feeling that Europeans are becoming a minority in their own countries so unjustified?
    It is not the fault of the Arabs, but rather the Europeans and their governments. However, Muslims and Arabs will be blamed if the majority of Europeans start feeling the way the person who made that photoshopped image does.

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