Guess the Benighted Wasteland II

Teenaged girl is raped. Later her father murders her with repeated stabs of a hunting knife. He then propped her body in the passenger seat of a car, called relatives to confess, and then led police on a car chase.

Reportedly, last summer he argued with [her] and called her a ‘slag’ after she wanted to be with her boyfriend instead of him.

‘[The father] stopped the car behind the Angel Hotel in a shady area so nobody could see him.’
The court heard [the father] later told police: ‘I got out of the car, took the knife, went to the passenger door and opened it.
‘She was shocked to see the knife and tried to get away. But she couldn’t because of the seat belt.’
[The prosecutor] said: ‘He said he stabbed her many times and she was struggling. During the struggle, he missed her once and ended up stabbing himself in the arm.
‘He said he covered her with a sleeping bag and reclined the seats.’

Guess the benighted wasteland. Big hint: the term “honor killing” does not appear in the newspaper article. So it can’t be a Muslim! But that’s impossible, right, because only a bloodthirsty, Muslim father would do such a thing, right?

It’s in Wales, I guess.


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One response to “Guess the Benighted Wasteland II

  1. peaceful anarchist

    So please assist me in this logic: we are disregarding honor killing because there are sick fathers in the west who do the same thing? The difference between the two sickening crimes is that in the west, this man was prosecuted and in societies where honor killing are sanctioned, the father would have been doing his “duty” and most likely other family members would have participated. I see you are an arabist, honor killings have nothing to do with Islam. However, many Islamic societies use Islam as a justification for this kind of mysoginistic brutality. I do not think this article benefited either the victim of the crime in Wales, or the countless victims of honor killings, as it’s logic is fallacious. argumentum ad populum.

    This article is about Du’a Khalil Aswad. May she someday be brought to justice, but because people with arguments such as yours make light of her death, I don’t expect it to happen in this lifetime.'a_Khalil_Aswad

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